Monday, June 25, 2007

notes from terry


maybe you all didn't catch it.
or maybe you were all just being nice.
but my good pal, terry austin, called me on the carpet for something i actually haven't done for years.

in my last post i kept forgetting the second "t" in joe sinnotT's name...

actually, when he saw the blog, terry said this;

"Fifty bucks to take that picture of me down!!!!!"

"And, it's spelled Sinnott, geni-ASS!"

i have no excuse, only to say that this is not the first time i had this problem.

way back in the distant 1980's, i worked at a residential school for mentally and emotionally challenged kids. after a few years, i was promoted to the position of recreation and activities coordinator and was responsible for making a schedule for about 130 kids and their counselors/houseparents/whatever the title was that week. i had, up until then, never met joe sinnott though i knew that he, as well as many other comic book professionals lived just across the river in the towns of woodstock and saugerties. soon though, i was introduced to his daughter, linda, who quickly became an excellent child-care
worker and i just gushed and gushed over her father and what his work'd meant to me.
when writing up the schedules, i would never get her last name right.
and she would say, 'y'know, if you were really such a big fan of my father..."

so my apologies, joe.
and to everyone else.

terry also sent me a link to an old comic book that he found on ebay wondering if i truly am a jungle prince.

the answer is YES!

switching gears--i said last week that i wanted to start focussing more on the things that make this blog perhapanaut-y; cryptozoology, the unexplained, the bizarre. and while this isn't the craziest thing i've ever seen, it sure makes you look twice. this x-ray is featured at the ripley's believe it or not museum now open in times square, nyc! who wants to go?!

i'm guessing that he thought the lightbulbs were eggs of some kind.

gotta get to work!
more on wednesday!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

Well my response to the last name misspelling would be, no matter how awesome you are, or how much of a genius you may be, you are, as all of us are, only human. Like the shirt in the end of Bad Santa says: Shit Happens when you party naked-haha, that's my motto in life. I dind't know they were opening a Ripley's museum in NYC-when's the mass road trip for that?! That picture was crazy-I think I've seen it before though!

Brian said...

Given my poor track record when it comes to pronouncing people's names, I try not to point out other people's errors in the saying or spelling of names lest the conversation turn to my own foibles.

Joe came to one of Dave's little one day shows in Boston a couple of years back and it was a joy to just sit in his session and listen to him tell stories of his days in the industry. A great guy

As for the x-ray, hat I love most about it is that it actually looks like the bulbs are on. Amazing that they didn't break going down.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Y'know upon further thinking on the snake picture, maybe he was thinking of trying to be the source of some really bad puns:

1) Wanted to be a 'glow' worm
2) Wanted to 'brighten' other snakes lives

I'm sure the list could go one but who really wants that right? hahaha


Colin said...

I once worked at an animal rescue/environmental education center on Long Island and one of my co-workers was baffled when a towel disappeared while she cleaned out the 15-ft Burmese python's cage. A few weeks later she was there to witness its... reemergence.


alison said...

That poor snake - but really, that poor woman, too. Imagine being chased by not only that tiger but THE JUNGLE PRINCE, as well. Oh, and yes, Todd, I do believe you are the Jungle Prince - only you are much more manly - especially when you ferociously dart around with a freshly sharpened pencil in hand.