Friday, June 08, 2007

radio silence...


not only is that the title of one of my favorite thomas dolby songs from the early 80's, but it's kinda where i've been for the past couple of weeks regarding, well, just about everything i've been doing. i still can't tip on several of the projects that i'm working on just yet--partly because they haven't been made public yet and it's not my place to break it. and partly because i hate to talk about things that aren't absolutely completely definite yet for fear or jinxing them.

oh, yeah--i'm highly superstitious...

but one thing that HAS been occupying a huge amount of my time and something that i CAN talk about is something that actually goes back on this blog a month or two ago. (warning--this is more of a personal entry than a professional or perhapanauts post, so if that kinda stuff bores you, please feel free to skip down to where the picture is...) if you'll recall, i was a bit blue a while back as i'd broken up with my girlfriend, sharon, and was missing her big time. several of you wrote in comments and sent some kind words and i thank you profusely for that--beyond words.
well, a week or so later--about the time i was in sherlock holmes--we started to talk again and, 'cause i'm a bit dense at these things, i realized what a mistake it was to push her away and what a heartbreak it would be to lose her completely. to my amazement, she gave me a second (really it was like a third or fourth...) chance.

things have been great ever since--better than they had ever been before! so good in fact that we decided that we should move in together which we've been doing these past few weeks (remember all that cleaning i was doing...?) things are great, we have too much...well, EVERYTHING! and are still trying to find places for it all, but the best part for us is the jake and kayla show. see, sharon has a cat named kayla and jake...well, you remember jake. jake is incredibly curious and kayla is incredibly skittish (although quite curious in her own right--she IS a cat after all...), so now it's like watching a new cartoon show--the jake and kayla show. with all kinds of furniture and boxes and bags still peppered here and there throughout the house, there are plenty of places for kayla to run and hide in, around, under, behind, etc., and just as many things for jake to knock over as he maintains pursuit. they are destrying everything!

kayla --settling into her new home

jake --settling into sharon's suitcase

it's really quite funny.

oh. okay. sharon says not THAT funny...

anyway, that's one of the things i've been up to. i'll tip ya to the rest when i can.

and here's the picture i was telling you about.

a couple weeks back, scott was in boston with his new girlfriend, abby. (haven't met her yet, but he says she's great and goes on about hewr with this goofy grin on his face so it must be true...) boston is her town; college stomping grounds and friends and all that...and so they went for a visit. while there, scott happened on a store with a somewhat familiar name and took this pic. if only they sold, like, jerkins and pantaloons and boots and chainmail and armor and whatever...
thanks for the picture, scott!

thanks to everyone who wrote in to share their lists with us! we'll do more of that in the very near future.
as for today, well, it's friday so here are the

"five on friday"

1. what breed of dog is snoopy?

2. what was john wayne's real name?

3. who played the new becky on roseanne?

4. what is the name of the island that moira mactaggert had her genetic research facility?

5. name five stretchable superheroes?

that's it for me.
apologies for the 'personal' stuff.
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Jason Copland said...

Great to hear things are going well, Todd! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Brian said...

Great news Todd. I picked up on the fact that things with Sharon might be getting back on track when you mentioned that you were enjoying Lost more because your viewing buddy was back, but I'm not one to pyr or jinx things at their early stages either.

What with the two new gals moving in, sounds like you don't have any space to spare, so I'll do my best down in Charlotte to make sure you don't come home with anything you don't have a place for.

As for the Five on Friday:

Snoopy was a Beagle

John was Marion

Sarah Chalek, the beautiful and neurotic Dr. Elliot Reed on Scrubs was the new Becky

Don't remember the name of the Island

And Five Stretchable Heroes:

Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, the Elongated Man, John C. Holmes - hey he's a hero to some people, and I don't know.

Walt said...

Snoopy's a beagle, Charlie Brown.

I should know John Wayne's name.

Fake Becky was that girl on Scrubs.

Moira was on Muir Island.

Plastic Man
Elongated Man
Mr. Fantastic
Jimmy Olsen
Does Bouncing Boy count? He gets fat, which is technically stretching, kind of. If not, Tin from the Metal Men has shown stretching abilities.

Colin said...

1. what breed of dog is snoopy?

2. what was john wayne's real name?
Marion somethin'...

3. who played the new becky on roseanne?
Scrubs' Sarah Chalke

4. what is the name of the island that moira mactaggert had her genetic research facility?
Muir Island

5. name five stretchable superheroes?
Plastic Man
Mr. Fantastic
Elasti-girl (Mrs. Incredible)

Dale said...

Hi Todd! That's really great news! Things always have a way of working out. I also thought there were some subtle hints in some of your posts. I wish much happiness to you all.

(*Patiently awaiting the rest of the news*)