Friday, July 27, 2007

always nice to hear nice things...


sorry for the missed wednesday; this week i've been--well, it's not babysitting, he's 11--so let's call it babyWATCHING (ha ha, tyler! suck it!) my nephew, tyler and, though my back WAS getting better, messin' around with an 11 year old was probably not the best thing to do. so i've been laid up a bit again and not able to sit at the computer for very long. sorry. i will strive to take better care of myself.
the good news is that, in taking it easy, i was able to finish harry potter last night and, for the sake of thoese readers even slower than me, i will simply say that i LOVED it! what a great story and this, i think, was the best written of the bunch! so sad it's over--so happy that we ever got to go there in the first place! how lucky we all are--on so many levels and in so many ways--to be able to thrill and laugh and cry with these characters...

craig and i were talking about the phenomenon of harry potter and how it's just amazing that there was so much excitment and anticipation in today's society...over a BOOK! that everyone was so desperate to READ! would that there were more books and stories and franchises out there that garnered such mass enthusiasm!

random calvin and hobbes of the week

big plans for the baltimore con are in the works--on botht the perhapanauts and the tellos fronts! more as it develops, but i gotta say, we're really putting a lot into this show! : )

a wonderful review of perhapanauts: second chances from johanna draper carlson over on her COMICS WORTH READING site. now granted, johanna is a friend of ours, but one of the things i love about her the most is her integrity. she calls 'em as she sees 'em and she does NOT gild the lily in any way. i've gotten a...let's say, rocky review from her in the past and must say that it was clean, honest, and was everything that a real, objective review should be. be that as it may, this one is a good one and i urge you to check outy, not only OUR review, but her site on a regular basis. thanks, johanna!

mike, craig, and i are LOVING hbo's flight of the conchords! are YOU...?

randon classic teen titans cover of the week

that's all i've really got today.
been sitting too long as it is.
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

A very nice review Mr. Dezago.

Looking forward to seeing those big Baltimore plans for both the 'Haps and Tellos now that I'm going to be in attendance.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Gotta take care of that back dude! I suffer from some killer days here and there and I even have 2 Chiro's in the family! While you're recuperating, ever read anything by Raymond Feist? If not, give hima whirl if you can, he's got some great stuff out there! I'll check out the review later when I get a chance. I'm pushing to make it to Baltimore still, so hopefully I get to make it to whatever you crazy kids have in store! Hope the back feels better and have a great weekend.

Bill Nolan said...

Baltimore '07... it's going to be LEGENDARY!!

alison said...

t - are there ever comic cons in PR? I'm kinda doubting it since the only store within a 75 mile radius of me closed (and the island is only 110X35 miles). I don't know if there are any shops on the other side of the island.

Okay, this is waaayyy off topic, but - awhile ago you all recommended that I check out Firefly and Wonderfalls since I like Dead Like Me. I have and am absolutely LOVING both series. Thanks, thanks, thanks!! Thing is, I am almost through them and now what? You guys know a lot more than I about what's out there and worth checking out - so I'm asking for more recommendations. Again, thanks!

Heywood Jablomie said...


Not sure if it's a show up your alley, but give a little thing by the henson company called Farscape. It's all out on dvd, and it's one hell of a ride. That's my recommendation anyways. =)


alison said...

Thanks, Mike. I'll give it a whirl - the blurb on Netflix makes it sound kind of Fireflyish. Odd thing is I can only "save" season one, though I can "add" to my queue the other seasons. hmmm very strange... Thanks, though - it is saved and I supposed they will add it when it's available.

Matt Wieringo said...

Todd, take care of that back, dude! I suffer from the same problems as you and Mike and my chiropractor changed my life!

As for Harry Potter, Suzanne and I were talking about the phenomenon the other day and decided that we were lucky to have been present while it was happening because future generations will probably know how it all ends before they start reading. I'm still on the last book and I'm petrified someone will ruin it for me before I can finish. It's been so exciting to be able to anticipate the next novel for months. I've never felt that way about a book. Though I'm still reading THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, I'm really sad there's not going to be a "next book" to look forward to.

As long as we're recommending TV series, I love Sci-Fi's EUREKA. It's a fun little show with great characters and it doesn't require you watch every single episode. I think you'll dig it.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Good Call Matt, yeah Eureka is an awesome show! And the first season just came out on dvd, highly recommended!

alison said...

Thanks, Mike, I'll put Eureka in my Netflix queue. (I always feel so hoity-toity veddy veddy british saying that word. :-)