Sunday, July 22, 2007

a very harry weekend!


exhausted from the week at camp and very happy to be home with sharon, jake, and kayla, i wasn't about to fight my way through the throngs of muggles waitng in line at midnight outside our local barnes and noble. i had reserved a copy of the audio version of the latest--and lastest--harry, so i thought that it would be perfectly okay for me to leisurely go and pick it up on saturday. i've listened to--and raved about--the audio versions of the potter books--jim dale is amazing!--but i thought that, due to the excitement and importance of this final book, i ought to read it as well and after talking to craig about it, thought it would be fun to see which one of us would finish it first. so i picked up a copy for me and a copy for my dad to give my niece (as it used to be something my mom would give her everytime a new book came out...)

i am currently on page 205 (craig at about 200--i'm winning!) and i am really enjoying it (though a bit anxious as i am really feeling that almost anyone could go at this moment...)!
where are you?

after that, we ran over to the mall to see what time order of the phoenix was playing next. in 10 minutes, as it turned out. also, as it turned out, my old pal, stan, was working as manager and after catching up on comics and life, sharon and i suddenly realized that stan had walked us right into the theater, completely bypassing the ticket booth. thanks, stan--as always... : )

sharon and i enjoyed the movie, though, like the book, it was very dark and lonely. (i really think that warner bros could have served this franchise better by turning harry into a televison series so that they could explore all the nuances of the books and follow the kids--and their predicaments--throughout the entire school year instead of trimming so much of the fun for time. oh well...)

more than all of the harry potter, sharon and i got to spend the whole weekend together, so, for that alone, it was a great weekend!

here are the five from late friday...
hope you did well...

1. what was the name of the film that recently depicted the last days of tv's superman, george reeves?


2. what was the name of the film that chronicled the quirky career of late comic andy kaufman?

man on the moon

3. what was the name of the film that featured the life and times of hogan's heroes star, bob crane?


4. what was the name of the 1988 film that examines the history of the comic book industry and some of its many twwists and turns?

comic book confidential

5. real names
1970s justice league

aquaman--arthur curry
atom--ray palmer
batman--bruce wayne
black canary--dinah drake lance
elongated man--ralph dibney
flash--barry allen
green arrow--oliver queen
green lantern--hal jordan
hawkman--carter hall (katar hol)
martian manhunter--john jones (j'onn j'onnz)
phantom stranger--?
red tornado--john smith
superman--clark kent (kal-el)
wonder woman--diana prince (princess diana)
zatanna--zatanna zatara

smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

I was going to wait to buy HP7 also, but since it was all over the news, I started to get worried about spoilers. So, Saturday Abby and I went out to get one. I was going to wait till Monday to start reading. On Sunday, I had to help a friend paint his new apartment. By the time I got home Sunday night, Abby had finished reading the whole thing.

So, Abby wins.

Brian said...

The Harry Potter books have been an incredible literary phenomenon, equally popular with children and adults and, in a somewhat ironic twist given that some on the christian right have denounced it for promoting satanism, probably have done more to bring families together than all of the "family values" hog wash the far right has been selling for the last 20 years or so.

I imagine that as time goes on, even though the movies have been very successful, that someone will want to do a television production that will have the time to put more of what was in the books up on the screen.

Scott Weinstein said...

Oh yeah, I meant to comment on the movie too. I thought it was good, but very rushed. It just jumped from plot point to plot point. I really feel like movies 4 and 5 (and I guess 6 and 7 too) should have been held up for a bit until the last book came out. If they have to leave out material to make the movies managable lengths, they should at least know how the whole story unfolds. I heard that JK Rowling told them to put back in a character they had left out in movie 5, because that character plays an importat role in the last book (and movie too.) I think that's why the Lord of the Rings movies succeeded so well. Peter Jackson could see the whole story and knew where to cut and what to leave.

That being said. Yes, a TV mini-series version of the books would be a lot of fun. Maybe in 10 or 15 years, they'll do that. Or even better, maybe they'll do a prequel version of the first "war" with voldemort and it ends with Harry getting his scar as a baby. Yeah. that would be cool.

Also, check out this link
Harry Potter Pronunciation guide
It pronounces some of the names in the book. Scroll to the end and click on Voldemort's.