Wednesday, July 18, 2007

odds and ands...


thank you for clicking in to attend this meeting of the perhapanauts cryptozoological expedition and mock mystics association.

our first order of business today would be the reading of last meeting's minutes, but since nobody wote them down...

our second order of business is that my cold and my back are okay. well, mostly. my back is pretty much at about 91 or 92%. and getting better all the time. thanks, everybody, for your well wishes and your suggestions as to how to straighten things out.

next, i am away at a summer camp this week doing my workshop on story structure and comics and so apologize for missing monday. my internet time is somewhat limited and i just didn't get in there on time.

another bit of business is that our friend, and perhapa-pinup artist, michael kasinger--also known in some shadier circles as MEK--has just finished his first sketchbook and you can both check it out--and purchase it at

there's some really nice stuff in the book and some cool samples on the site!
congratulations, mek!

because of my back and my cold and whatever else, i haven't had a chance to see any movies over the past few weeks, but am dying to get out to see ratatouille, harry potter and the order of the phoenix, and, if i can still find it around, live free or die hard! also, on that if it's still around is 1408 'cause i LOVE the stephen king and especailly 'cause sharon wants to see it! (though i don';t know how much she'll see with her face buried in my arm...?)

and as craig has pointed out over in his blog, he, mike, and i are LOVIN' hbo's flight of the conchords! too funny and the songs are awesome!

that concludes this week's meeting of the perhapanauts exploration and paranormal nonsense alliance.
there will be trivia on friday.

smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Harry and Ratatouille are both worthe seeing, though I give the nod to Harry, but that's probably because I saw Ratatouille with a fairly noisy kid crowd that at a couple of points drowned out the dialouge.

Didn't get a chance to see Die Hard, though might this weekend as the love of my life is off to Chicago for a conference. She also had to go to San Diego this summer, but again, not during the convention, so I stayed home.

Speaking of you partner in all things Perhapanauts, Craig, will be at Baron's in East Bridgwater, MA this Saturday along with a few other local artists helping the store celebrate it's birthday.