Friday, July 20, 2007

best intentions...


it's six-forty-five on friday and, while the day is not completely gone, i myself don't consider this to be an "on time" blog post.
sorry. if you didn't see it over the weekend and only check in from work, well, i'm sorry. in that case you'll have two on monday.

i've been away at a summer camp this past week, doing a workshop on story structure and comics and THOUGHT that i would be home late this morning with plenty of time to get a post in before everyone headed home for the weekend.

unfortunately--or fortunately--my presentation was a hit and i had a few extra sessions added to my schedule at the last minute. needless to say, it was big fun, i met lots of really nice people there, and got to talk about my favorites, comics and storytelling!

while at camp, having no television in my cabin, and wanting to catch up on that way cool 1970's dc comics vibe, i dove deep into the latest showcase offering of HOUSE of MYSTERY vol. 2 (featuring a cover by our pal, nick!) 17 giant sized issues in stunning black and white (and i gotta say, with those horror stories, and the incredible line up of top illustrators that editor joe orlando put on those tingling tales, black and white is truly the way to go...)! some are creepy still, some a bit cliched, but all of them just drip with that creative energy that was hitting it's peak in the dc offices at that time! what a time! just some beautiful stuff!

i don't buy every one of the showcase books, and i don't even read every one i've purchased, but i've really had fun with both of the house of mysterys and can't recommend them enough!

home now and so here's a funny random photo of the week for ya--

if you're a frequent checker-outter of mike wieringo's awesome blog--and if you're not, you SHOULD be--you already know what i got from fedex while i was away...

(stolen directly from mike wieringo's site...)

they're said to be available in stores next month. i'm not sure exactly WHEN next month, but at least we know that they made 'em...
(and that they look great! thanks to image's allen hui, traci hui, eric stephenson, joe keating, and everyone there who made the book look so nice!)

that said, here, as promised,
are the "five on friday"...

1. what was the name of the film that recently depicted the last days of tv's superman, george reeves?

2. what was the name of the film that chronicled the quirky career of late comic andy kaufman?

3. what was the name of the film that featured the life and times of hogan's heroes star, bob crane?

4. what was the name of the 1988 film that examines the history of the comic book industry and some of its many twwists and turns?

5. real names
1970s justice league

black canary
elongated man
green arrow
green lantern
martian manhunter
phantom stranger
red tornado
wonder woman

that's it for me!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Congrats to both you and Mike and here's to more Tellos down the road.

On to the trivia

1. Hollywoodland

2. Man In The Moon

3. Porno Killed the Sitcom Star

4. Comicbook Confidential

5. Aquaman - Arthur Curry
Atom - ?
Batman - Bruce Wayne
Black Canary - Dinah ?
Green Arrow - Oliver Queen
Green Lantern - Hal Jordan
Hawkman - ?
Martian Manhunter - Jonn Jonzz
Phantom Stranger - ?
Red Tornado - ?
Superman - Kal-El, Clark Kent
Wonder Woman - Diana Prince
Zatanna - Zatanna Zatara

Brian said...

Forgot Elongated Man - Ralph Dibney who deserved a much better fate than DC gave him

Walt said...

1 - Hollywood Land

2 - Man In The Moon

3 - Grrr.. Something like Auto-Focus or something like that, right?

4 - Comic Book Confidential

5 -

aquaman - Arthur Curry
atom - Ray Palmer
batman - Bruce Wayne
black canary - Dinah Drake Lance (later retconned into Dinah Laurel Lance)
elongated man - Ralph Dibny
flash - Barry Allen
green arrow - Oliver Queen
green lantern - Hal Jordan
hawkman - Carter Hall (Katar Hol)
martian manhunter - J'onn J'onzz
phantom stranger - No one quite knows for sure if he even has one
red tornado - John Smith
superman - Clark Kent (Kal-El)
wonder woman - Diana Prince
zatanna - Zatanna Zatara

And dammit, do I love the Showcase books or do I love the Showcase books. I'm about six or seven behind (they're sitting on my bookshelf as we speak), but I just finished the Aquaman one. Such fantastic stuff.

Bill Nolan said...

Sorry, I've been down for a few days with an ear infection, so I didn't have an opportunity to try my hand at these until now:

1. don't remember

2. Man on the Moon

3. I think I remember the title having something to do with something technical from a camera...

4. don't know...

5. real names
1970s justice league

aquaman - Arthur Curry
atom - Ray Palmer
batman - Bruce Wayne
black canary - Dinah Lance
elongated man - Ralph Dibney
flash - Barry Allen
green arrow - Oliver Queen
green lantern - Hal Jordan
hawkman - Carter Hall
martian manhunter - J'onn J'onnz
phantom stranger - is this a trick question
red tornado - did they pretend he had a name? I forget...
superman - Kal-El/Clark Kent
wonder woman - Diana (Prince)
zatanna - Zatanna Zatarra

todd said...

sorry to hear about the ear infection, bill--hope you're back on your...uh...ear in no time!

walt--were these showcase books MADE for us, or what? also, when are they gonna make the showcase showcase...?

Scott Weinstein said...

Camp sounds like fun. I can't wait to hear about it.

1) Hollywoodland
2) Man on the Moon
3) ---
Bruce Wayne
Wally West
Oliver Queen
Hal Jordan
Jonn Jonzz
Clark Kent
Diana Prince

Walt said...

I'm ABSOLUTELY jonesing for a Showcase Showcase. And I don't care if some of the issues of Showcase have been reprinted in other volumes. What I'd love, but I know they'll never do, is a Cancelled Comics Cavalcade Showcase. They stories will be for crap, I'm sure, but I'd love to see it. I know in the SSoSV Showcase, we'll get a little.....

alison said...

Okay, this is waaayyy off topic, but - awhile ago you all recommended that I check out Firefly and Wonderfalls since I like Dead Like Me. I have and am absolutely LOVING both series. Thanks, thanks, thanks!! Thing is, I am almost through them and now what? You guys know a lot more than I about what's out there and worth checking out - so I'm asking for more recommendations. Again, thanks!