Friday, December 28, 2007

oh, the snow...


hey, everybody! and happy new year's eve!

woke up this morning with every intention of posting this first thing this morning--trouble was, we had no power. for about 6 hours. just came back on and so here is the post and, below, the answers to the "five on friday".

the power was out due to a beautiful snow storm that snuck up on us last night. well, it snuck up on ME--my dad had been saying that they were calling for it all day and warned sharon and i as we were going out for a nice romantic pre-new year's eve dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, anthony's. we weren't out late, but on the way home the snow had started, giving us that cool star wars lightspeed effect as the snow came at us. it really didn't look like it was sticking though, so we weren't worried about any possible accumulation.

this morning, seven inches and no power.

here're some pics.

and here are some of jake enjoying the snow!

and here is kayla enjoying the snow...

hope you're enjoying the snow--wherever you are!

and here, the answers to your
"five for friday"

1. who was the author of such books as galapogas, breakfast of champions, and the sirens of titan?

kurt vonnegut jr.

2. what young actor's earlier roles included having an arrow shoved through his throat in the first "friday the 13th" ?

kevin bacon
(johnny depp was in "nightmare on elm street")

3. what is the drum-like name of the circular membrane that act as a frog's ears?

the timpanic membrane

4. who was the only person to speak in mel brooks' "silent movie" ?

legendary mime, marcel marceau

5. match the 70's comics artist with the book/character he's best known for.
(sorry if some of you are too young...)

1. mike grell e. green lantern

2. curt swan c. superman

3. dick dillin a. justice league of america

4. irv novick b. flash

5. jim aparo d. brave and the bold

smell ya next year!


Heywood Jablomie said...


those pics look great!! i love the ones with jake running around-don't eat the yellow snow should be the captions! haha and kayla looks just like i would imagine a cat would 'enjoying' the snow! that you got hit like you did. we only had rain but then again i'm WAY south and on the coastline. i keep hoping for some good snow, nothing that will knock out the power but enough that it looks real purty. here's to a happy, healthy and joyously wacky new years to everyone!!

Brian said...

Great pics of Jake and the snow but the shot of Kayla proves just how smart cats are.

As for the snow itself, sorry to hear about the power loss and glad it didn't last too long. They were calling for 3 to 5 inches here, so I was happy to wake up to only a wet half inch that look pretty, but was easily pushed out of the way.

Happy New Year to All and to All a Late Night.

renecarol said...

The snow is beautiful. But I don't really want it to get cold enough here to snow. It's supposed to get down into the 30s later this week.. a sharp drop from 72 the other day:( Anyway, I really like the picture of Jake playing in the snow.

Anonymous said...

I kept hoping for snow like that, and the weather guy (whom I do not trust no more!) said we would get some...It got cold for it, but the snow never showed...
The weather guy lives in the next town, should go to his door and ask him, "What the deally?"...but I'll let it slide.

Well, I hope everyone here has a good time, doing what ever you do to ring in a new year...and most importantly, be safe...
I'll get off of work a half hour just before the new on comes.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! everyone...

Cooper said...

Wow...I totally miss the proverbial carpet of new-fallen snow. I was gone in San Diego for the two weeks leading up to Christmas, and couldn't wrap my brain around walking around the zoo in shorts while listening to piped-in Christmas carols. Trippy.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year (and since I missed saying it, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas)!

Adam Hutch said...


That sucks you lost power. We got about 3-5 inches of wet snow. My nephews loved it and spent nine hours outside building a snow fort. I think Jake may have had almost has much fun as they did in the snow. ;)

alison said...

Great snow shots - beautiful. Keep waiting for some down here, but I guess only in my dreams.

Happy and healthy new year to you all!

Matt Wieringo said...

Love those shots of Jake! He's still a spunky rascal.

We never get snow in Virginia anymore. We'd love some but it just never seems to happen much. But you're lucky the power was only out for 6 hours. Down here, if we got seven inches of snow, we'd be down for a week. After one hurricane, our power was out for 11 days and we were one of the lucky ones. We now have stockpiles of batteries, water, lanterns, crank-powered radios and a battery-operated TV on hand.

Hope you enjoyed the dinner!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great new year.
Actually, hope you ALL had a great new year.

Great pics of Jake, snow and Kayla.

So now I know how they really did those lightspeed effects (LOL)

Well, I guess I totally blew it on the silent movie trivia.
It was the only answer I thought I knew.
Seems about right that Mel Brooks would have a mime as the only person to speak in a silent movie.

You have done well (to stump me) young jedi.


Anonymous said...

Typical of a cat (but gotta love them!)

Also, sorry, haven't sent you any gossip emails since forever! How are you?

Christian D. Leaf said...

Wow. I miss snow. As a transplanted Midwest lad it never really feels like Christmas being in the South. Kinda hoped it snow a little to take Lilah out in it, so she could flop around and do whatever babies do in situations like that. At least Jake enjoyed it for her.

renecarol said...

It snowed here in Durham today. The first few snowflakes of the year. I layered my daughter up this morning and told her it was going to be cold today and tomorrow - like cold enough to snow. She thought I was so smart when it actually did. We're supposed to get a warm front this weekend and it should be back up around 70 by Monday. I suppose I can manage 2 days of cold. You guys get any flurries north of us in Richmond?