Friday, December 28, 2007

a bit disappointed...


i had a whole 'nother blog prepared for today, one that i put together yesterday in advance as i was supposed to be heading toward craig's house today so that sharon and i could have a little christmas of our own with the rousseaus. though we talk on the phone everyday (sometimes twice), i haven't seen the guy in months and am dying to see trish, the johnny, and to see how big my little goddaughter has gotten. and my buddy, oz. we were both really looking forward to it...

unfortunately, my brother--jake's usual babysitter, is going away himself for a couple days and my back-up jakesitters backed out. so we had to cancel. sad.

so here i sit.
i guess i'd better get some work done.

perhapanauts update--man, craig and rico are doing some AWESOME work on the annual--it's almost done! it's so cool to get the pages and see craig bring your ideas to life, but then the two of us become even more excited as rico starts to send in the colors, making everything real, making everything pop! we are so lucky to have that guy on the team! thanks, rico!

here's a random photo of the week. it's a squirrel in moscow. i really don't know why it's ears are so big, but it's pretty cool. do we have squirrels with ears that big? we should get some.

alright. here are your

"five for friday"

1. who was the author of such books as galapogas, breakfast of champions, and the sirens of titan?

2. what young actor's earlier roles included having an arrow shoved through his throat in the first "friday the 13th" ?

3. what is the drum-like name of the circular membrane that act as a frog's ears?

4. who was the only person to speak in mel brooks' "silent movie" ?

5. match the 70's comics artist with the book/character he's best known for.
(sorry if some of you are too young...)

1. mike grell a. justice league of america

2. curt swan b. flash

3. dick dillin c. superman

4. irv novick d. brave and the bold

5. jim aparo e. green lantern

that's it. i'm out.
smell ya later!


Colin said...

1. Kurt Vonnegut

2. Kevin Bacon

3. dunno

4. Zero Mostel?

1. mike grell - e. green lantern
2. curt swan - c. superman
3. dick dillin - a.justice league of america
4. irv novick - b. flash
5. jim aparo - d. brave and the bold

Adam Hutch said...

Sucks that your plans fell through. Happened to me this year too. My high school friends and I just couldn't get our schedules to jive. One of the downsides of having real honest-to-goodness grown-up responsibilities, I guees.

Wow, questions left me sucking wind this week; I only got two.
Kevin Bacon
1. mike grell E: GL
2. curt swan C: Superman
3. dick dillin A: JLA
4. irv novick B: Flash
5. jim aparo D: Brave & the Bold

Brian said...

Man, very sorry to hear about the cancelation of your trip up our way. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can make it a business/pleasure trip in February to help promote the 'Haps Annual.

Now on to the five for Friday. Not too many for me this time around, including the "Friday the 13th" which I should have known since my cousin Niki married the cinematographer on that one, Barry Abrams.

1. Kurt Vonnegut

2. ?

3. ?

4. Mel Brooks

5. 1 - e, 2 - c, 3 - b, 4 - a and
5 - d

Christian D. Leaf said...

Sorry about the plans falling through, Todd. Never fun those last minute "sonuva..." that seem to pop up from time-to-time. We had one Christmas Eve with Lilah doing her best Linda Blair impersonation.

Man, do I suck this Fiver.

1. Dunno.
2. Kevin Bacon
3. Dunno.
4. Marcel Marceau
5. Jim Aparo was always Batman to me, but I didn't get into comics until the 80's. No clue whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

First time!

1. Vonnegut
2. Johnny Depp (or is he in that other one?)
3. Um. The Ear Drum. No?
4. That famous mime...Marceau something.
5. I'm too young.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip.

You've stumped me today on the 5er.

2. I should know the actor in the "F-13th" but I saw it a long time ago and haven't seen it again.

4. the only word spoken was "No!" and I believe Burt Reynolds said it to Mel Brooks.

Brian said...

As for the picture, looks like a squirrel and a bunny got busy.

Heywood Jablomie said...


sorry the plans fell thru man. i was supposed to go to my dads but he's gotta work so i know how ya feel man! as for the squirrel, very interesting, but i think his shadow might look like batman haha!

i got a little of the five-fer:

2. Kevin Bacon

5. 1. mike grell=green lantern
2. curt swan=batman
5. jim aparo=brave and the bold

the others i've never heard of, but it was a bit before my time unfortunately and i've only ever followed the other 3.

Warren said...

I hate when life changes your plans. But sometimes you gotta flow like the river...

1. Kurt Vonnegut

2. Johnny Depp?

3. Timpani?

4. Buster Keaton?

1. mike grell e. green lantern

2. curt swan c. superman

3. dick dillin a. justice league of america

4. irv novick b. flash

5. jim aparo d. brave and the bold

todd said...

hey, joe!

good to have you and
thanks for joining in!

everybody say hi to joe
and make him feel welcome.


Bill Nolan said...

1. Kurt Vonnegut
2. Kevin Bacon
4. Marcel Marceau
5. 1-e, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-d

Brian said...

Hi Joe,

Welcome to Todd's little corner of the world wide web.


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Joe,

Glad you could join us.

Matt Wieringo said...

Hi, Joe. Whattaya know?

Sorry to hear about your plans, Todd. That's no reason to not reschedule the trip as soon as possible.

Only knew the Kevin Bacon one. I watched FT13th this past October as part of my yearly Halloween horror movie marathon.

craig rousseau said...

well, as todd knows, everything happens for a reason...

turns out the "ick" tore through our household thursday night through saturday... and it was for the best todd and sharon didn't make it (a sick house with two sick parents and kids is not a fun place to be!)... luckily, it's all good and i know they'll make it soon... (gives me more time to finish the annual anywhoo)


Brian said...


Sorry to hear about the ick hitting for the holidays and glad to hear everyone is on the mend.


Heywood Jablomie said...

hey joe welcome to our little family on the inter-web!