Wednesday, December 19, 2007

picture day


as christmas approaches and i rush to get presents sent out (on time!) and christmas cards sent out (on time!) and about a thousand other things that i should be doing, i find myself talking to mike and my mom--the two people i am missing the most this holiday season--and keeping them a part of my frantic activities. mom is helping me with gift choices, mike is making me laugh. yes, this is s'posed to be the season of brotherly love and kindness and reaching out to one another with joy and good cheer but four (i'll call them large) jolly people shouldn't congregate in the entrance to target! i mean, stopping short to talk to someone in the mall is dangerous at best, especially at this time of year, but if ya gotta stop, pull to the side folks! these four formed a huddle that blocked things entirely! and they were unconsciously shifting as we tried to get by! while sharon and i (and about 6 other people who just couldn't get around) laughed as inconspicuously as we could, i could hear mike's building bray inside my head and it made it all the funnier.

so, mike...

i got an 'e' the other day from spider-man fan, tellos fan, and HUGE mike fan, vicki tierney, who was sweet enough to send me pictures of her own personal tribute to mike. while matt and i have just been amazed at the incredible (and in some cases a little too touching) pieces that have been sent to us by countless talented and compassionate artistts, vicki's testiment to mike is one that is hard to beat.
as you can see.

and, in the spirit of christmas, and even moreso, the spirit of mike, i offer the following;

Fish Story

apparently, this young buck was a mile and a half off the florida coast swimming to who knows where.
near total exhaustion--no doubt that he would have very shortly drowned--he was caught and brought aboard this fishing boat.
"He was sooo tired and was glad to get into our boat and rest!
And yes, we turned him loose when we got back to shore. Just try beating this Fish Story!"

how wonderful that these guys spotted the deer and then took the time--i'm sure it was hard--to get the little guy up and in and back to shore!
merry christmas!
gotta run!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

I've run into the human blockade a few times. Most recently at Petsmart. Trying to juggle 20lbs. of cat food and 40lbs. of litter with these two XXL families mindlessly chatting in front of the doors. One sarcastic remark later they felt the shame and plodded into the store and out of the way. Common courtesy isn't so common anymore.

Excellent tattoo. Like how she was even wearing the black costume Spider-Man t-shirt while getting inked. Damn, now I want to get some more work done on my sleeve.

Kudos to the lads fishing out the deer. It's moments like those that instill me with a little hope in humanity.

Matt Wieringo said...

Wow. I've been thinking about Mike a lot recently, particularly Mike the kid. And I can't help but picture 12-year-old Mike seeing that tattoo and just being floored that someday, someone would honor him by putting one of his images permanently on their skin. What an incredible..."gesture" doesn't quite seem to cut it. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Human traffic jam !

That IS an awesome tribute to Mike.
I hadn't noticed the lines of the Black costume tshirt in the back until Leaf mentioned it.

Glad the deer was brought back to shore. The poor fella would have drowned for sure (or Megalodon woulda eaten him).

Brian said...

First and foremost, that tatoo is quite the tribute and the tatoo artist did a great job recreating Mike's original.

As for common curtesy at the Mall, especially this time of year, good luck finding any. I had to hit the Mall last Saturday and found a parking spot with a snow pile not to far behind it. Well, of course some jerk who can't find a space for his/her SUV decides that it will be just fine and dandy to park beside the snow pile and virtually block me in. I was just barely able to get out of the space using the Helen Keller method and was sorely disappointed that there was a driver waiting to pull right in to the space I had just vacated, because I really wanted to leave Mr./Ms. SUV a token of my appretiation for their thoughtfullness.

As for the deer, what a wonderful story that more than makes up for the little cloud that Mr./Ms. SUV had cast over my holiday.

Unknown said...

Awesome! What a cool tribute to da Mikester! I like that the blue lines of his sketch even seem to be inked on her skin. Too cool...

Nice story with the deer too, Todd.

BTW, have I congratulated you guys on your move to Image yet? If not, CONGRATS!!!

renecarol said...

I can almost hear Mike saying something like that - that he was floored by the gesture.

What'd you have in mind as a token of appreciation?

Brian said...


A little peanut butter on the underside of the door handle is a classic. No permanent damage to driver or car, but a wonderful "what the fcuk" moment when you first encounter it.

Heywood Jablomie said...


Great news about the killer 'Haps order ad from yesterday's post.(I'm behind on these again due to work) I'm trying to get into the xmas spirit still, but I haven't had time. I did get to finish all my shopping, but all our other cards haven't gone out yet. But now that things have lessened work-wise I'm beginning to get into the swing of things.

I really hate when people stop while walking in front of you, whether large or small, it's still rude as hell. I usually make a comment or something myself, but try to keep it as polite as possible when I can. haha

That tattoo is really awesome, and one hell of a tribute gesture. Before Mike passed I had played with the idea of getting something of his done on me, but could never find just one thing that I'd want done. =)

And the deer rescue really does help prove that there are still ALOT of great and wonderful things in the world to be happy about. It brought a very big smile to my face at work today!!

Matt Wieringo said...

If I didn't regularly donate blood, I'd consider getting a tattoo myself. Suzanne's seriously considering it herself.

As for holiday rudeness, during my 10-hour shop-a-thon today, I encountered an apparently quadraplegic lady in an automated wheelchair who was waiting patiently for someone to help her with the door so she could enter the mall. It was one of those "airlock" double doors. I did a weird twister move, opening the first set of doors so her wheelchair could pass beneath my outstretched body. Then I ran over to get the other set. As she squeezed past me, scraping the doorframe, I noticed a well-dressed man standing just inside the door making no attempt to help. As soon as she'd gotten into the mall and thanked me, the man brushed by us both as if I'd been holding the door for him. Jackass.

Brian said...

I'm a blood donor myself Matt, so no body ink for me.

Scott Weinstein said...

That tattoo is great. Nice tribute.

I've been fighting with human congestion a lot on the streets of NY. Particularly in Union Square, where all the super stores are. At least I can go during the weekday when it isn't too terrible. I would need to bring a bat if i went on the weekend. And that would not be in the holiday spirit.

renecarol said...

Kudos to all you that give blood regularly! I used to give blood in college. I was so proud of myself when I finally weighed enough that I could give blood. I gave as often as I could. The last time I gave blood - senior year which was almost a decade ago:( the lady turned the needle sideways in my vein. It hurt so bad I got labeled a 'difficult giver' and I haven't given blood since. I know that's bad of me.

Obviously my lack of creativity that I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't involve property damage:)

The Anchorite said...

Wow, now that is a true fan! I especially like how she keot the signature.
How ya doin' Todd? just wanted to drop a note and say Happy Holidays!
(being a Hebe, I'm long done with my shopping, but I certainly can commiserate. The best is when two people in those little electric carts stop to talk in the middle of the aisle, talk about a traffic jam.