Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bob and oscar and bret and jemaine


well, between working on the play and getting real work done during the day, i have had little time for adventures and so, not a lot to report...

it's been pretty bitter cold up in these parts the past few days. snow on saturday night and all day sunday was followed by high winds that whistle through you and make you even colder. poor jake is so small that, if not for the leash, he would be blown away. at the moment, walking him now is more like flying a kite. (of course, we usually don't use a leash anymore. his days of bolting off after something and not listening when i call are way behind us. we take leisurely walks now, like old men, talking about the weather and friends and the stories that i'm working on.)


i used to watch the oscars with eager curiosity and anticipation. an actor myself, it's an important night, to see which performances were being acknowledged, which actors were being celebrated for their fine work. i would consider all of those people in the auditorium as "my people," and take into consideration who raised the bar a little higher and what that meant for all of us.
okay, also, all that glitz. all that glamour. i would imagine myself a star. an actor of some note. a potential nominee. no, a nominee.
...and then, of course, a winner.

i would watch and imagine my name called. i would have a speech prepared and would thank God and my parents, my theater teachers and mentors, my family, my friends. i would be clever, witty, sincere. i'd try not to cry.

i would do this for every category.

what an emotional night.
not just in my imagination, but there in my living room, just watching. it was just exhausting.

that's back when i had friends who were also into theater. or film. or semi- into it. now, i don't really have anyone close by who follows the oscar nominated films like we used to, no one to share that excitement and passion for movies and storytelling and the achievement of an actor or screenwriter or director. sharon's not really into any of that and so i dvr'd the show. i've only had a chance to watch the first 20 minutes or so and saw hugh jackman's musical number and the presentation for best supporting actress. that was very nice. and although i didn't get a chance to see vicki christina barcelona, i'm sure that penelope cruz did a fantastic job. she always does. and her acceptance speech was very nice.

mine was better.


i've been loving the new season of flight of the conchords. i won't say anything about them 'cause craig hasn't had a chance to see them yet, but the new season is wonderful! and, especially, the new songs. i cannot stop humming "carol brown" which was featured on last week's show. funny, funny song.

i've also been stuck in a sentimental time warp on itunes, downloading many of the old bob hope radio programs to listen to in my car on the way down to play rehearsal. though dated--and, for me, that's part of the fun--these shows were pretty funny and, as i listen to bob throughout the years, it is so easy to see why he was, for so long, america's favorite entertainer. his smooth delivery and self-effacing humor just made him so easy to listen to, so comfortable to "hang with," and his dedication to entertaining and supporting our fighting men and women both overseas and right here at home goes far beyond generous.

also, bob hosted the oscars 18 times!

and here are the
answers to the
"three for thursday"

what product is known as/by:

1. "the quicker picker upper"

bounty paper towels

2. "curiously strong mints"


3. "have it your way"

burger king

4. "are you in good hands?"

allstate insurance

5. "finger lickin' good"

kentucky fried chicken

6. "the world's greatest comic magazine!"

fantastic four

7. "when you care enough to send the very best"

hallmark cards

8. "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't"

peter paul almond joy and mounds

9. "driver's wanted."


10. "good to the last drop"

maxwell house

got rehearsal!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

As the years have gone on, my interest in movies and the every expanding number of awards shows for movies has waned, but I still watch the Oscars, even though, this year, the only nominated film I saw was Wall-e.

Hugh Jackman is a very likeable guy with charisma to spare, and I did like the sequence with Anne Hathaway, but other than that I could not help comparing him to Billy Crystal's with Billy coming out on top thanks to much, much better material. As for the "once in a life time" production number with Beyonce, et al., I have never felt such production numbers belong at the Oscars as the do not translate well from the stage to the little screen. It is an award show for film folks, show us what you do best.

For my money, the better moments of the show came from the presenters, with Fey and Martin being my favorite, followed by Stiller and Portman with Aniston and Black rounding out my top three.

Scott Weinstein said...

Brian, I agree. The presenters had the best moments. Tina and Steve Martin were hilarious. I lost it when he says to her "Stop. Don't fall in love with me." That was great.

Matt Wieringo said...

Jackman proved once and for all that he is the coolest guy that has ever lived. I thought he was great.

The popularity contest that is the Oscars™ continues, however. SLUMDOG winning technical awards over WALL•E, IRON MAN and DARK KNIGHT was ridiculous. And though I thought Ledger was incredible and deserved the award, I wonder if the Academy would have given it to him were he still alive since they seem to have nothing but disdain for "comic book" movies regardless of merit.

Cooper said...

Yes, I am a total movie nerd and flew to St. Louis for our annual rotating Oscar party. I came in second place with 17 of the wins. Booooooooooo...
Loved Sean Penn's speech. Totally unexpected. I wonder how much alcohol it took to loosen the guy up that much.

Rowan's Dad said...

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the show this year. From the Fey/Martin spot that has already been mentioned to the Judd Apatow short film, there were a lot of funny moments. Hugh Jackman was servicable, but seriously, the musical was back a few years ago with Chicago...I don't think the vastly inferior Mamma Mia should be credited with the resurgence.
Also, Todd, I have to say that the Pepileptic Dog Benefit may have been the greatest concert ever! To all those who don't have HBO find copies of Conchords online!