Tuesday, March 10, 2009

getting back into it...


so, the play went wonderfully and i had an amazing time getting to know the actors, working with them, and designing what turned out to be a pretty nice production, if i do say so myself. of course, after working with them so intently over the past two months, i'm gonna miss them like crazy, but sharon and jake are really ready for me to be home nights again and a part of the household. kayla too. sorta.

i'd share some pictures from the play, but i'm locked out of my iphoto library/program, so maybe later.

at some point last week, my computer went wacky and i have been disconnected from my external hard drive. we're working on fixing that now, but it's like waking up and finding out that you're not gonna be able to use your left arm for a few days. all my files are in there and all my work. so i'm running a little blind right now and a little wild--
can't wait to have that back...


my friend sent me an email full of these the other day. apparently, there is or are a couple of websites dedicated to posting photos and stories of failure. while i don't consider these failures as much as some one there with a camera at just the wrong time, some of them are funny in an america's funniest home videos kinda way (the kind where you laugh and try not to wonder how much it hurt or if there was an emergency room visit right after...)
i put a couple of these in the sub-category of just poor timing.

and here are your
answers to the
"three for thursday"

1. what shakespeare play is considered by actors to be bad luck if mentioned onstage or backstage and so has been given the non de dramatis "the m-word"?


2. what, actually, does "break a leg" mean?

in the early days of the globe theater, in being summoned to perform a production for royalty, if the king really liked it, he would allow the actors an audience before him, which generally amounted to a chance to appear before the throne and bow until the king dismissed you. the fancy bow was with one leg out straight in front of you, the other bent (broken) behind you for support. "break a leg" means that you hope the actor's performance is so good that he is fortunate enough to be called before the king.

3. stage right and stage left are fairly well-known terms in the real word, but do they refer to perspective of the actor or the audience?

stage right and stage left are designated from the actor's point of view while standing on the stage looking out at the audience.

4. is "upstage" toward the front of the stage or the back?

in the old days, stages were actually built on a slight tilt so that the audience could view more of the setting; higher in the back, lower in the front.

5. what is the name of the single bare light bulb that is left burning center stage day and night when no performance is taking place?

the ghost light. superstition says that a single light should always be lit on a stage to fend off the ghosts of past performers and performances.

gotta go!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Well, then. I obviously know nothing about the theater. In fact, my attempt to answer the quiz questions was one...big...FAIL.

KJC said...

Would that be "strike one" or "ball three"?

Scott Weinstein said...

That's great. I'm glad the show went well.

Warren said...

Glad the play went well. Maybe someday you can direct Bigfoots on Broadway.

About the pics, all I have to say is... ouch.

Brian said...

KJC, that is hilarious.

Todd, Glad to hear the play went well, but like the gang waiting at home, I hope this means we'll be seeing a little more of you around here.

Christian D. Leaf said...

As a fan of LOLCats I can't stop laughing about the FAIL pics.

Glad to hear the play was went smoothly. Now wriet us some more 'Haps—STAT!

Heywood Jablomie said...

wow...those are some crazy 'wtf?!' moments in those pics! good stuff!