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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i got this e-mail last night from my pal, gorilla brother, and current collaborator, karl kesel, with the opening line;
"weirdest-ass thing in our paper today"...


Police are investigating after villagers in Romania claimed to see a Superman-like figure flying through the sky.

Almost 20 villagers, from Gemeni, Mehedinti county, claim the UFO was wearing a shiny blue suit, just like Superman's.

Police officers took written statements from all of the witnesses and say they described the figure in the same way.

Local policeman Ion Anuta said: "We talked to people of different ages who are all reliable citizens in our village.

"They all said they saw this strange creature who flew over their houses in his shiny blue costume. We'll just have to see what happens next."

Villager Constantin Toader, 41, said: "He looked like Superman and was flying slowly at about 100 yards from the ground in a standing position. He didn't make any smoke or sound. Just cruising around."

he also included a link to
which features this picture

karl said he felt the whole story had a kinda mothman feel to it. i'm down with that, but--and maybe it's just cause of the grainy photos of something floating in the sky--i'm getting a real m.night shyamalan "signs" vibe from it. like maybe these guys are gonna start showing up over every major city soon and then begin the invasion.

now, i've said it here before, time and time again, i WANT to believe. i would really love for this to be an actual flying man, whether of terran or alien origin. i WANT that and have my fingers crossed...


i'm betting on a balloon.
it's a great idea--i know I'D do it.
i'm guessing, from the way it's "flying slowly at about 100 yards from the ground in a standing position." that it's a man-shaped balloon--maybe even an inflatable sex doll, they inflate really well with helium. (i have been told.) (also, floating in a standing position? what self-respecting person with the power of flight would just float around in a standing postion? i would be supermanning all over the place!)

but, who knows?

i'm hoping it's real.

thanks, karl! great story!

smell ya later~


perhapablog extra!

for those of you keen on following the wacky adventures of our pals, brick and tiger from oneshot, here's a letter that matt sent me the other day announcing the debut of their latest episode on youtube! check it out!

Hello everyone! We decided to release Brick and Tiger Vs. The Confederate Army on youtube today! I know that many of you have seen it already, but I thought you might like the links anyways. If there are family and friends you want to send it to, that is great! Also, I would not be offended (and in-fact, would be grateful) if you wanted to post the links or at least the first link on your facebook/twitter/whatever today. Thanks for all the support. We start rolling on the next Brick and Tiger here soon! Thanks again.

Here it is in 4 parts:


also, who's watching lost...? i was complaining last week that, with but five episodes left, they weren't really doing any "building" of plot or suspense or urgency...but after watching last week's episode and last night's...!! wow! someone help me back from the edge of my seat! this show is going out AWESOME!!!
who's with me?!

later, brutha~!

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Brian said...

I'm still watching "Lost" and, while I'm not quite sure where they are going, I'm sure am enjoying the ride.