Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mish mash...


i'm in full-tilt, drivin'-it-home, get-it-all-done mode for this play (drawing props and re-working some scenes on the new set...) and so i'm just gonna start throwing pictures at the blog today and see whatcha think...

first up--it's the second wednesday of the month and that means it's the day you RUN!! (don't walk) down to your local comic book shop and scream for--nay! DEMAND!!--the latest issue of MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD!! it's number four and it's filled with funny squaddie goodness featuring guest-stars like drax the destroyer, man-wolf, and the collector! also, most of the marvel universe! don't miss it!


while we're on the subject of the squaddies, i can remember two julys ago, having to write a christmas issue of marvel adventures: spider-man and laughing at the need to get out the a christmas story and it's a wonderful life dvds so that i could get in the in july.
this week, the sitch is that i'm penning the super hero squad halloween issue--and i'm just not ready to get my head there yet...
so i dug up these (awesome! cool!) classic marvel monsters covers from the early 70s for some spooky inspiration...
i think i'm there now...


and here are a couple of images i have floating on my desktop;

this lovely phantom lady by my super hero squad artist marcelo dichiara

this stunning rogue by salamandros

calvin's little skeleton cracks me up...

no caption.

and finally, last but certainly not least, this wonderful choopie from artist gary drew (via our pal, dave tilley)

come see alice~!
smell ya later!

this is post 717.


Brian said...

That cat is adorable and Marcello's Phantom Lady is

As for the Halloween Issue of Super Hero Squad, all I can say is that I don't know who is luckier, you for getting to write it or Marvel for getting you to write it. I know it will be a "howling" success.

Christian D. Leaf said...

There was a 'The Living Mummy' comic? Gotta get out from under this rock I call home. When's that Essential coming out?

Looking forward to the Halloween Super Hero Squad. Lilah's eagerly awaiting issue four!

Jason Louis said...

Amazing classic marvel covers there. brings back lots of memories.

Matt Wieringo said...

C-bag, there's a TLM Essential out already. I'll meet you at Legend this weekend and bring it to you.

Those covers are great. Marvel should put out a series of volumes of of just covers from the the Sixties and Seventies. I'd buy it. Sometimes the covers were the only good thing about the book. (Not the case on any of the above, of course.) Those covers by Romita, Kane, Kirby, et. al. were really enticing. It's something we've lost in modern comics, I'm afraid.

Too much good stuff to comment on here except to say that your SQUADIES artist is kick-ass.

Gary S. Lee said...

Thanks for posting my Choopie drawing, Craig. Mr. Tilley is a good friend--promoting my art more enthusiastically than I. Glad you enjoyed it.

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