Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the lost week...and apologies to adam!


after focusing so intently on the play these past three months, i came to that bittersweet point about a week or so before the play actually goes up when you realize that it will all be over soon. yes, exciting, all that hard work will finally be on display for all to see, we've put on a show, the lights, the curtain, the audience--! also, the sad realization that these people with whom you've worked so hard, become friendly with, in some cases, grown quite close to, you'll all be going your separate ways, back to your own lives, back to the routine...
and while that part always makes me sad, i was looking forward to getting back to the routine. even to the point of thinking of last monday as more of a new beginning. i was looking at the end of the play as an opportunity to make some changes and start out fresh. isn't that what spring is about...? or maybe it was more like new years--complete with some unspoken resolutions; write more, exercise more, eat better...i couldn't wait.
then sharon said, "well, yeah. you can do that after your cold."
i said, "what?"
she said, "yeah, after every play you do, you get a cold. you push yourself to the limit and your immune system is jacked up on energy and adrenaline and then it crashes and you get a miserable cold. every time."
i said, "what?!? no, i don't!! don't jinx me, woman!!"
and i felt great.

until wednesday.
wednesday night i started getting all congested and by thursday night i was a mess.
and it was worse because, though i was doing the usual treatment of dayquil and nyquil, i haven't been getting a lot of rest these past few months because jake is an old man now and needs to go out several times during the night. so not a lotta rest.
so i'm tired and sick and doped up on nyquil and not getting a lot of work done, by the way, when i look at my calendar on saturday afternoon and realizee that the one-day albany comic con is THE NEXT DAY and how am i ever gonna be able to go...! also, how did that creep up on me, wasn't it NEXT WEEK?! and i realize that is IS next week and i lost a whole week to this cold and i don't even know what day it is.
so somehow, the next day, sunday morning, i get up and, with sharon's help, rally myself for the show. i drink a lotta tea with lemon, throw some fisherman's friends in my pocket and double-dose the dayquil. i drive up to albany while listening to the entertaining and comforting voice of jim dale reading me harry potter and the deathly hallows and feel pretty good as i arrive and set up, giving cursory waves and apologies for not shaking or hugging to my pals terry austin, ron marz, and joe staton. i put out some superhero squad comics--along with a few of my own personal squaddies for fun--and both kids and parents swarm my table so that i sell every issue in less than an hour.
i'm feelin' pretty good, chatting with friends old and new, but it's all a bit foggy, y'know, just a

and that's how, even though we chatted for a while before i realized that i was talking with our own adam hutchinson and didn't even know it. recognized him--and his friend, mike--but couldn't put i all together. i felt horrible. horrible.
so sorry, adam. and mike.
we see a lot of people at shows, many very familiar faces--but, even though i hadn't seen you for a little over a year and a half--you're family.
i feel so bad...
so sorry, adam--i can't apologize enough.


i had a great time at the show talking with adam and mike and the usual gang from earthworld and more...
and i wasn't too muzzy-headed not to get a couple pictures of this supergirl for the blog.

you're welcome.


gotta go now.
running late!
wanna write more!
exercise more! eat better!

okay, maybe one more shot a' nyquil...
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Feel better, Todd!

Adam Hutch said...

Don't worry about it Todd. If I was in your position I wouldn't be able to keep anyone's names and faces straight. I just hope you're feeling better. That's such a fun one day show they put on.

Brian said...

I know what you mean, Todd.

I came down with a cold right after the Boston Comic Con - April 10th and 11th - and I'm just now getting back to normal two weeks later.

Spring colds are the worst.

P.S. Give Jake a belly rub for me.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Warren said...

Awww... feel betters, Todd!

Matt Wieringo said...

Sorry to hear about your cold, Todd. I hope things get better.

And you're not alone on the memory thing. I've had people I felt very close to leave the agency where I work and a year later, I couldn't remember their name. That's life.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Damn I wish there were more cons by me, although NYC and Philly really aren't that far, just a pain to navigate at times. But those are usually the larger ones anyways.

Hope you're feeling better, you already know how my war went with that cold that lasted me most of February!

Rowan's Dad said...

Todd, just the simple fact that you care so much about blanking on Adama's name shows why you are one of the nicest guys in comics (or outside of comics, for that matter).
My Alice went was good to chat with another director for a bit who knew some of the hassle putting a production together can be. Looking forward to our next chance to visit.