Thursday, August 12, 2010

pictures of mike


so today is a sad day.
but as i always tell people--i don't like to dote on sad days.
rather, i like to celebrate the person on this sad day.

yesterday and tomorrow are posts about mike the artist--today, though, is about mike my friend.
our friend.

some of these pictures you've seen before, some might be new...

these are the two pictures i have on the wall next to my desk.
the one is me and craig and mike at the after-party shelton always had after heroescon at that pizza place in charlotte. i'm thinking this is '01, '02--i could be wrong...

and this is from the after-party in '07 at the pizza place right across the street from shelton's store, "heroes aren't hard to find".
the last picture i took of mike. i talk to this one a lot. somedays it's i miss ya, brutha, wish you were here, what we could be working on now...
other days it' bastard.


paris, 2000

i realized after i loaded this picture on that it was sideways and it's too late right now for me to go through my photos and re-scan it and straighten it out. but i did figure out a quick way you can look at it and see it properly. tilt your head.

the other way, einstein.


mike makin' the face

in 2002 i took my then girlfriend, kate, to dallas for her first convention and, more importantly, to meet mike and craig.
she had, of course, heard all kindsa stories about both of them, but her favorite by far, was the story of mike and chuck at the strip club.
sidenote: long story short, after seeing the gorgeous sketchbooks by bruce timm and ronnie del carmen after the two had just stopped into a california strip club and quickly sketched the ladies, mike and studio mate chuck wojtkiewicz went to a similar club in charlotte and attempted the same thing. the owners were very cool with the idea and the girls were very accommodating, posing and smiling while the boys got their "shots". one girl in particular had caught mike's eye and he was, of course, falling in love. at one point, because the lighting in those places is often very low, chuck asked if the owners could turn them up. at which point mike got to see the face of the girl he'd become enamored with. let's just say it was a startling revelation.
okay so that was a long story long...
anyway, the beauty of the story, and the reason only mike could tell the story with such hilarious effect, was the face mike made to show you what the girl looked like in that blinding moment. and mike had such an expressive, rubbery face. kate had heard me tell the story, but begged mike to see the face in person, which, shyly, mike backed away from each time it was brought up. later, when i went to take a picture of my best friend and my new girlfriend together, he waited for her to look away and flashed the face behind her. and wouldn't do it again. it wasn't til we got home that she finally got to see the face she had begged him to see.


more recent. recenter.

but before i finally got a digital camera, so maybe...2003? a cheap disposable that for some reason made everything blue. i have a similar picture of craig and jake at my house from this camera that's got that blue tint. weird.


matt, squeeze...? is this 2005? or 2006?
this is my favorite picture of matt, mike, and suzanne. mike was so surprised and so happy to have them there at the show with him. with us. it'sa always so cool to bring your "families" together. and i know how much it meant to mike to have matt and suzanne and he and craig and i hang out.
and now we can't get enough of each other.
you can read the whole story of this cake's journey on matt's blog at
scroll down to june 23rd.


miss you.
you bastard.

smell ya later~!


Cully Hamner said...

I posted this over on Matt's blog, as well, but I was writing something about Mikey this morning for my own blog, and went to grab a pic of him to post with it. As soon as I saw it, I just burst into tears. I haven't cried over losing Mike in a couple of years, and I honestly thought I wouldn't again.

God, I miss that guy.

Scott Weinstein said...

I saw on Twitter and Facebook today that a lot of people were remembering Mike. It's such a wonderful testament to the kind of person he was that people are still thinking of him.

I'll never forget hanging out with him at Heroes with you and Craig. And Mike telling one of the raunchiest, funniest stories I've ever heard.

Squeeze said...

Thanks for making me laugh Todd. I had forgotten about 'the face.' Not sure that I ever saw it in person but had heard the story before. Thanks for the pictures!

I second Cully- God I miss that guy too!

Brian said...

Still hard to believe he's gone.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Wow great stuff here you shared, and in the last post too. Like Scott said, Mike was such a wonderful person and artist. Even though I never met him thru the last few years it's felt like I had....

Christian D. Leaf said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and memories, Todd. Especially that one picture or as Lilah put it, "Wow, that's a funny face."

Adam Hutch said...

Mike, you hit it right on the head. I never met him either but after reading/hearing these stories I feel like I have and wish I really had.

Jamar said...

Thinking about you, man.

Anonymous said...
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