Friday, August 20, 2010

the perhapanauts 2010 baltimore comiccon one-sheet!


on the heels of eric canete's beautiful tellos pin-up in memory of ringo last week, matt sent over this equally stunning piece by gabriel hardman also done in tribute to mike. gabriel is probably best known for his fantastic work on our pal, jeff parker's agents of atlas book, but matt says you should also check out gabriel's own book, heathentown--which i';m gonna look for next week at the baltimore convention.

thanks, gabriel!
it's always a wonderful feeling to see other artists illustrate your 'kids'...


though i'd originally said that i wouldn't be attending any conventions this summer, apparently craig and matt had other ideas, and so, with my badly-twisted arm in a sling, i'll be joining those two--along with a host of other perhapa-pals, suzanne, kelly, rich, leanne and rod, lauren, and on and on--next weekend at the baltimore comiccon! if you're in the area and have always wanted to see what a comics convention is about, i can't recommend this show enough. it's still about comics and the people who love them and hasn't gotten all hollywood and crazy. i love this show!

with that in mind, craig and i have put together a few fun new perhapanauts things to offer at the show, the least of which will be the new choopie cards to entertain and amuse anybody who gets too close to our table. they're free so come on by and pick one up!

we'll also have new perhapanauts buttons featuring your favorite paranormal characters from your second favorite paranormal comic book! we'll have more about them on monday! (they're way cool!)

exclusively, though, we'll be debuting the newest in our perhapanauts one-sheet series, this one--to appeal to the regional lore this time--we feature the maryland goat-man! i wrote some words, craig drew the art, and the coloring is by our pal, mike thomas!

it looks like this--

an exclusive to the show and with a limited print of 50, these are going to go fast!
if there are any left after the show, we'll make them available here in our perhapanauts store for those of you who can't make it to baltimore.

more on the cool con stuff later!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Warren said...

Glad you decided to go to Baltimore because I missed you in Charlotte and I know your fans would have missed you up there as well. I wish I could make the trip, but not this year.

Have fun up there next weekend guys! :)

Anonymous said...
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Brian said...

Great Tellos piece by Hardman. I discovered him through Agents of Atlas and now have both an original drawing of Namora by him but also a copy of Heathentown signed by him and the writer to whom he is married. I've seen them at a ECCC and Heroes and they are both really nice people.

Wish I could say I'll see you in Baltimore, Todd, but work is keeping me home that weekend.

Have a great time.

todd said...

we'll miss you both, warren and brian... : (

Heywood Jablomie said...

wow that's another great tellos piece! i love that people still love the series and draw new stuff in honor of it and mike.

and that one sheet looks AWESOME!! great work all around. i'm even MORE sad i'm not going now.

Matt Wieringo said...

Okay, no Warren, Brian or Heywood this year? WTF?!!!

Brian said...

It's all taking and no giving when you're working for a living.

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