Tuesday, August 31, 2010



back from baltimore and what a weekend! i had SUCH a great time hanging with so many friends...and got so wrapped up in making sure i had the buttons and the books and the display banner and whatever, that i forgot my camera. idiot!
of course, other people had cameras and i've asked them to send me some jpegs, but for the real con coverage, head over to matt's blog and see how it's done right~!
he makes it seem like you were there! thanks, brother!!

so while we're waiting for everyone to send me pics to put up on the blog--we've got friends and family and costumes and comedy--here are a couple of things i promised from last week...

i toldja that while i was down visiting with nick (cardy) a few weeks back that i taped him doing a course on cover design as well as a study--filmed over his shoulder--as he did a gorgeous head sketch of wonder woman! and then he proceeded to gift me with it. well, here it is, in all of it's beautiful nick cardy glory. he's just so...incredible!
(the dvd featuring this and more should be available sometime next year...!)

and while we're on the subject of sketches...
as you all know, i lost my best friend jake this past may and, here we are, nearly four months later, and i still don't make it through a day where i don't have some crazy moment sneak up and make me miss him like crazy. even coming back home from baltimore yesterday, i couldn't shake the feeling that he was waiting here for me and i couldn't wait to get home to him.
in time...
anyway, about a month ago i was "beeped" to the door by my friend and mail-carrier marilyn (this is a very small town) who will drive in the long driveway to the front door when there's an over-sized package or something. this day it was a mailing tube that made me wonder what i must have compulsively ordered on ebay the week before. i took it inside and opened it...and immediately started to cry.
someone--and they have chosen to remain anonymous for now--sent along this beautiful and unquestionably heartfelt sketch having heard about jake and seen several of the photos i'd posted. with a note that said that they were perhapanauts fans, that this (lovely) piece was done by the sender's daughter and that they hoped i didn't mind that they found my address somewhere on-line.

so, though i've sent a reply to the return address on the tube and still hope to find out who i can thank personally, i offer my thanks again here. it is framed now and hanging in the bedroom right over the spot where jake would sleep. when not actually in the bed. and kicking me out. which he did a lot of. when he was younger.

and so thank you again. i cannot describe the joy it brings and how touched i am by your kindness.


and since it's all about lead today, look what alison found...!

gotta fly~!
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

That pencil art is as amazing as the portrait of you and Jake is heart warming.

Glad to hear a great time was had by all in B-More.

Not sure when I'll see you again, but I hope it will be sooner than later.

Matt Wieringo said...

Wow. All of those pencil sculptures are amazing but the heart and the saw are just phenomenal. Every time you think you've seen everything...

You showed me the drawing of you and Jake in Baltimore and I'm still blown away by the generosity and kindness of some people. Wonderful.

Nick is as terrific as always. His covers (even the superhero ones) always effected me so profoundly as a kid. I thought they were kind of creepy in a good way, to be honest. Fortunately, knowing he's such a sweetie doesn't diminish that effect at all.

Matt Wieringo said...
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Adam Hutch said...

Great seeing you this weekend. Wish I coulda gotten over to the table more often. See you in October (barring the ealry birth of my second born) at the Albany show.

Cooper said...

So, ummmm...*shuffle feet*...Any Goat-Man one sheets left..?

Scott Weinstein said...

That's a really beautiful sketch of you and Jake. Whoever did it should come forward.

Anonymous said...

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