Friday, September 24, 2010

been there, done that...the perhapanauts t-shirts are here!



man, we are in the t-shirt business!

when i posted the pics that craig did the other day, i was just wanting to show you some of craig's awesome art and let you know that we ARE working on more haps! it was while craig was designing these images for our new convention banner that we thought--"hey, these would make some pretty cool t-shirts!" when i casually mentioned that the other day, well...
let's just say that we got a LOT of emails to justify looking into it.

and we didn't have to look far; perhapa-pal don kelly runs a graphic design company that specializes in t's like these and he was quick to get us sete up!

so here they are...Ladies and Gentlemen! Your new PERHAPANAUTS CHARACTER T's!!!!

and we're taking orders!

kieran is in the process of adding these--and the new trade and the buttons and the latest baltimore comiccon goat-man one-sheet the perhapanauts store, but you can order now by sending an email to

here's the stuff craig wanted me to add:

--actual colors mary vary slightly--

-allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipping--

--all 3 in are available adult sizes S, M, L, XL ---- $20 plus $3 shipping ( XXL $22 plus $3 shipping )

children's sizes -- S, M, L, X ---- $20 plus $3 shipping

combined shipping available
shipping applies to domestic sales only--international buyers responsible for extra shipping

2 for $35 plus $3 shipping or 3 for $50 plus shipping

paypal is preferred, but we'll also accept bank or certified checks or personal checks.

so order yours right now!
you KNOW you want all three!
operators are...well, it's us...

shipping is free for orders over $100
(so here's your chance to get all your perhapanauts shwag in one fell swoop!)

be the first in your neighborhood to show that you're a member of the perhapanauts team!

okay, i think i hurt my hype with that one...

order now!

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about.

Quick question on sizing Todd. Did Don do the "Got Blood" T-shirts and/or do you know what brand of T-Shirt these will be printed on?

DonKelly said...

a small correction...I don't run the's a screen printing shop and I work as the graphics guy/ go to guy.. haha.. and truth be told when craig emailed me the preliminary head shots I giggled like a school girl as the possibility of doing the shirts.

craig rousseau said...

brian -
these shirts are "gildan 100% ultra cotton."

(and don, you don't run the company... YET.)

todd said...

no, brian~

as craig said, these shirts are a much better quality--heavier, sturdier.

our, um, first attempt at doing some shirts a couple years back were done by a "friend" who assured me that they would be of a more professional quality.

we learned from that experience which is why we're doing it up right this time! : )
thanks, don!

Scott Weinstein said...

Those look awesome! Great work guys!

Rowan's Dad said...

These look great...and I love that you have them in children's sizes. Rowan and Riley would look great in matching Choopie Tees :)

nate lovett said...

hey are you guys going to have these at mid ohio?

todd said...

hey, nate~!

yeah...w'ell have 'em at mid-ohio--

if there are any left...

Christian D. Leaf said...

Love 'em! Might have to procure a couple for Lilah, who loves her some Choopie and Big.

KJC said...

Sorry for the delay — they're in the store now!

Anonymous said...

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