Friday, September 17, 2010

SHS! #9, matt's birthday, and commercials i hate...


it's a cornucopia of topics today so, have fun...

first up; as brian pointed out in the comments from the other day, marvel's SUPER HERO SQUAD! #9 is in stores now! i was having tons of fun with the guys up until now, but once i was given the nod to do whatever i wanted on the book, i HAD to bring the girls in! besides i just love she-hulk, tigra, and the wasp!
go get it!

HEY! today's matt's birthday!
what did you get him...? i got him a 2/3rds replica of my very own self that he can carry around with him in his backpack and send across the room when the remote is left over by the tv (i hate when people do that--defeats the purpose, dunnit?)
happy birthday, brother.

i'm working on a cool custom comic for marvel that, sadly, 'cause it's custom, probably none of us will ever see (customs are comics that are commissioned by one group or another to feature some marvel characters to promote or inform about their group or business--and then usually given away to employees, shareholders, or customers. i've done them for amtrak, the spider-man 3 movie, battle dice, etc.) anyway, that's a lotta yap to tell you that the abomination is in it--the real abomination, not the funny super hero squad abomination--and in looking for some visual reference and inspiration, i found this wicked action figure (which, surprisingly, i don't have and hadn't seen before) and so i put it on my desktop and have been glomming it every chance i get! i love the big, monstrous characters, but doesn't this look heavy?! i love it!
(also, 'cause it seems that the didn't-like-it-then, love-it-now, infectious 80s ditty, fascination, is being featured on about 7 commercials these days--i'm serious, count 'em!--i can't stop looking at him and singing to myself..."he's the a-bom-in-ation...")

and speaking of commercials, though we dvr just about everything we watch these days and quickly skim through the commercials, i do try to check out any new ones that come along. sure, there are always cheap commercials; injury lawyers and car dealerships, infomercials and i've-fallen-and-i-can't-get-up commercials that you see on the game show network and tv land. they're doing the best they can with what they got and they certainly have their place and know it.
but it seems that every four months or so, there's a commercial that's featured in the prime-time rotation that's so obnoxious or irritating that it gets right into your brain and starts scratching at it. sometimes it's a song and you hate it 'cause it's catchy and they play it over ands over and over and you can't wait for the campaign to be over but it seems like it never witll be (toyota's "everyday people campaign was like that for me...i found that song annoying before the ads started...)
at the moment--a sign of the end of days, i think--there are three that fall into that category. i can't think of the other two at the moment--i'll get back to you--but for me, the latest and greatest offender is the david spade/7up commercial. oh, it hurts me just to think about. makes me ask the question, was he ever funny?! (answer: yes, he was. but this commercial is so bad that it actually erases former glories...) he wanders around this new house with a can of 7up in his hand, tossing out his trademarked snarky commentary and lame innuendos as movers bring in his furniture. it's painful to watch and you can tell that even he has gotten tired of his own character; his delivery is even less than "phoned-in"--it's faxed in. he looks like he's been up for five straight days while, conversely, his clothes look like he's slept in them for a week. and, dude--i learned in freshman year of college that you shouldn't try to grow a beard or mustache if you can't grow a beard or mustache.

so there, that's my rant.
what commercials do you hate?

and here, because that time is coming brothers and sisters--are a couple of creepy pictures i found on the net to start getting us all in that halloween-y spirit!

i gotta get to work!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

PS--alison is out of the hospital and home, back on her feet--well, getting back on her feet...and wanted me to thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes. take it easy for a while, alison--you work too hard!


Brian said...

Great news on Alison.

I don't have a commercial I hate, but I did see a good one the other night. It features a toddler bouncing her hands up and down on a lap top as the phrase "file deleated" repeatedly pops up on the screen.

The commercial is from Target stores and is for a thumb drive to back up your files.

Ok, I'm off to Matt's blog to wish him a happy b-day.

Matt Wieringo said...

Great to hear the good news about Alison. Thanks for the update.

And thanks for the birthday wishes!

I saw that Abomination in the stores and had to force myself to walk away. Purty cool. I just don't do action figures anymore, unfortunately.

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Matt Wieringo said...

Damn, Todd. Your spam is much cooler than my spam.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you said that???

Anonymous said...

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