Wednesday, September 15, 2010

jared's ghost


i've known jared ather for years now. we first met on the tellos message boards way back when mike and i first started tellos and jared was very active--along with a close knit group of others--on that board. we've kept in touch over the years and he was eager to jump onboard when craig and i debuted the perhapanauts. jared and i "talk" from time to time via emails or instant messaging and one of the cooler things that he's done over the years has been to go (along with a friend) and investigate reportedly haunted places in the northern new england area. though they never really uncovered anything that the skeptics call concrete--physical or photographic evidence, evps, scars--the tales of their exploits always thrilled me (and has inspired me to embark on my own paranormal expeditions).

so jared and i were chatting the other night, catching up, when i asked him if he'd had time--he's very busy with work these days--to look into any new haunted happenings.

here's the transcript of what he told me.
(this transcript has been edited to remove
almost all of my annoying verbal cues
and stupid comments...)

Funny you should ask....

The biggest event in my paranormal career happened the other day!

Ok man, here it goes:
First of all, I 've been living alone in the woods for the past couple months. I drive like 30 miles to work everyday, but for the most part, I'm alone.
About two weeks ago, I noticed a few things out of place in the house...
I just dismissed them, since the truth is, I don't (didn't) have a real belief in the paranormal. I just like the idea of it!

The items out of place were things like, comics, clothes, etc.
Nothing big, and nothing that bothered me too much.
One day I came home to find the doorknob on the front door broken, and that kinda put me on edge a little.

Still, I dismissed it. The door was old, it was probably just 25 years of wear and tear... night I got to bed.
I look at he clock on the wall before going upstairs, it's midnight.
I ALWAYS go by that clock, and have whenever I stay at this house.
On my way to bed I make sure to barricade the stairway, as I always do.

Again, not for paranormal reasons, but in case anyone breaks in.
I also shut the bedroom door and barricade that.

So, I go to sleep and wake up in the morning.
I look over at the alarm clock, it's out.
No power.
I get up and try the lights.
So, since I have no idea what time it is, and I don't wanna be late for work...
I decide to head downstairs and check the clock on the wall. It's not electric. This is the clock I've always relied on during power outages, and the one I went to bed by the night before, and previous nights.

It's still a bit dark, so I assume it's too early for work, but I need to check.
I head downstairs and stare at the wall.

The clock is gone.

I've been living alone for weeks on end.
To my knowledge, no one has been in the house except me.
I'm shocked.
But....I hear ticking.
I follow the sound and find the clock
It's set on a bureau, a good 6-7 feet to the right.
I immediately know that there is no way the clock got there on it's own power.
It could not have fallen and ended up there.

I throw the nearest clothes on, grab the keys, throw the cat food down and speed out.

Me in this house right now?

No lie, I've seen horror movies. Get out of the house.
(Yes, I'm in the house now)
So, I show up at work 3 hours early, freaked out.
I tell my boss.
He says I must have done it in my sleep.
That's the only possible explanation.
I know there's no way.
I try to explain the barricades to him...
...what I would have had to have gone through in my sleep, in the dark w/no power etc.
No way.
I'm too afraid to go back, so my boss and his wife follow me home.
We go through the house.
Check all windows, locks, etc.
I show them the clock, still untouched.
This guy is an engineer, and he confirms, there is no way possible that clock got on top of that bureau without a human placing it there.

He tries to tell me that I did it sleepwalking.
I don't.
I have no idea what happened.. None.

Something put that clock there. It knew I was gonna have to check it due to the power outage.

does the cat act funny in this new house?

Not at all.

Plus....the boss's wife claims that she is a psychic. I don't believe in that stuff, but she claims she felt nothing...
That morning, I sure did.
I've never been that scared.
I didn't sleep for 2 days.
I stayed up w/the lights and TV on.
Got a nice cold due to it as well...

It was a very strange week.
This is the first paranormal experience I’ve ever had.

Here's the odd thing.

The lady who lived in the house across the road from me died 2 weeks before this happened, and I recently became reunited with her son due to her death.
she was my math teacher in 3rd grade.

...and was the town clerk when she died.

She is now buried 1/4 mile behind my house.
If anything, I have to guess.
It's the only thing I can think of.

I'm not scared now. Don't know why...
....but I was freaked for a couple days.
When I left the house that morning, I felt like I'd never stay in it again.

Now, to be fair to the people who think I was sleepwalking, I have been stressed due to work, but still, I don't think I could have done it.

Especially w/ no lights due to the power outage.
I dunno man....

A previous resident told me that she once saw a cup move on it's own in that corner of the house, but I never believed it.
I believed that she believed it, but I just couldn't.

Now I wonder.

But it will always haunt me, I guess.
Now I've seen it. The possibility of something that will always be unexplained.

yeah, man! THAT"S what i'm talkin' about!
thanks, jared--good talkin' to ya, buddy!
keep us all posted...


have a good wednesday!
smell ya later!


Rich Woodall said...

That is a great creepy story!!!

Christian D. Leaf said...

Solid. Spooky. Story.

Warren said...

Creepy. Freakin'. Story.

I love stuff like that!

Brian said...

Good one.

Picked up Superhero Squad, No. 9 today. Looks like the ladies will be taking center stage in this one.

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