Wednesday, September 08, 2010

in a rush~!


really busy today trying to catch up from all that lost time, so here's a bigfoot story from your true tales over at about dot com!

go on over there and read the entries that stephen has posted for us for september--there are some winners in there for sure!

Sasquatch of Vinton, Iowa
By Stephen Wagner, Guide

One late afternoon in early August of 2009, I decided that I wanted to go for a walk to enjoy the countryside of Vinton, Iowa. I grabbed my MP3 player, headphones, and a bottle of water. I left the house around 7:15 p.m. and made my way to 58th St.

Now, 58th St. is mostly pavement, but about halfway down it turns into gravel. I made my way down the road until the pavement ended. I made it to the end of the road just before it turned left onto another gravel road. At this point, it was around 8 p.m. and the sun had almost set. I figured it was getting dark so I should call it a night.

As I was walking back, I noticed a neighbor's dog barking uncontrollably at something up the road. I brushed it off as a raccoon or opossum. As I walked further, I noticed a foul odor in the air. It smelled like a cross between a wet dog, a skunk and rotten eggs.

I neared a trailer off to my right,with a lamp post directly beside it. The light was a good hundred feet from the street so it made a very dim light as I passed. I remember the smell getting stronger and stronger as I kept walking.

I stopped in front of the dim light so I could change the song on my music player. In my peripheral vision, I noticed movement in the ditch. At the time I assumed it was just a tree, but then I noticed that this "tree" stood up!

I snapped my head to the right and what I saw, I will never forget. It had to have been at least ten feet tall and covered in reddish brown hair. It had an oval head that connected directly to very broad shoulders. It was facing away from me so I didn't see its mug.

The creature seemed like it didn't notice my presence. After a few seconds of staring at this thing, it walked out of the ditch on two legs and into the field. It made its way to the tree line of the surrounding wooded area and let out a blood-curdling scream.

I ran home as fast as my feet would carry me. I lived with my mother at the time. As soon as I walked through the door, my mom asked me what happened. She said that I looked like I'd seen a ghost.

I told her what I saw and she said my mind was playing tricks on me. I know that what I saw and what I heard was real! I went to bed and tried to forget what just happened.

The next day I went to the grocery store in town to pick up a few things. I overheard some of our neighbors talking about a couple down the street that had two baby cattle go missing last night. They were also talking about how the branches on the trees leading up to the cattle were all snapped in half, and three of their sapling trees were tore from the ground.

I've always been very skeptical about paranormal things, but I still think, to this day, that what I saw was a sasquatch. Most people I tell the story to don't take me too seriously anymore. I'm glad I found this site with people who have similar experiences.

After the tornado (Greensburg, Ks.)

This is such a Great Story!

The story begins with the rescuers finding this poor little
Guy they named Ralphie. Someone had already taken him
Under their wing but they weren't equipped to adopt.

Ralphie, scared and starved, joined his rescuers...

I wouldn't think anything could live thru this...But we were wrong.

This little lady also survived that wreckage.

Here she is just placed in the car - scared, but safe.

And then..they are no longer alone!

Instant friends, they comforted each other while in the car

Add two more beagles found after that...The more, the merrier!

Oh boy, a new traveler to add to the mix...(Note: the cat coming
over the seat needing shelter...) Now just how is this going to work?
(and remember they Are all strange to one another)

It's going to work just fine, thank you very much!

Wow! The things we learn from our
Animal friends...

If only all of mankind could learn such
Valuable lessons as this.
Lessons of instant friendship,
Of peace and harmony by way of respect
For one another -- no matter one's color
Or creed.
These animals tell you... "It's just good to
Be alive and with others."

Yes, it surely is.

So...Live, love, laugh. "Life's a Gift..Unwrap It!"

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gotta go!
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

Love, love, love the animal rescue story.

Thanks for Sharing, Todd.

Anonymous said...

Great rescue story!! What a special message!!


PS. Hurry up with those pins!!! :)

Warren said...

That is a beautiful story. It would make a great comic book.

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