Tuesday, May 10, 2011



so i had an excellent free comic book day, hanging out with my pals, fred hembeck, bruce conklin, jd lewis, mike giacoia, john and devon! nice to get to just mind the store and talk about comics~! and movies~! and tv~! and everything!

i also had an awesome weekend 'cause i got an AMAZING package of character designs and whatnot for the online Motion Comics Steampunk Adventure I'm writing from BRET BLEVINS and, i can tell you, they are FANTASTIC!!! i will share them with you as soon as i'm given the okay, but looking at these--if simply for the art alone--this project is gonna be special!! i was like a kid at christmas when they came through and i am still over the moon about them...!

so with alla that going on--and mother's day!--i guess i needed an extra day to recuperate. sorry.


craig and i have been nurturing this and sitting on it for quite a while now, waiting for the new page to be put in place and for the projects to be done and for the time to be just here, finally, it is...

starting this friday, there will be a new tab at the top of your PERHAPANAUTS page, leading you to the all-new, all-cool "TALES FROM THE PERHAPS!" feature, a webcomic (of sorts) with perhapanauts tales from deep inside the perhaps, that vortex of space and time that is the confluence of all reality! these are the else-wheres and the if-worlds where anything can happen...! and it does!! with stories by many of our friends and 'family', our first tale is written by rich woodall and illustrated by jason copland and you WON'T want to MISS IT!!


and speaking of strange...

as an avid and life-long comic book fan, there is nothing i like more than a little parody and satire. i sat with fred on saturday and found myself describing to a young fan--and his mother--what exactly fred does and how important his reviews and commentaries were to me as a kid! what comedic genius to draw yourself into a comic strip and then interview your favorite superheroes--and villains!--on what all they've been up to and what is currently going on in their respective adventures!

with that in mind--and the advent of the above-mentioned 'TALES FROM THE PERHAPS!'--craig and i were talking about opening up the field for an added feature called 'STRANGE Tales From The Perhaps!', where writers and artists could have fun with our colorful cuddly cryptids in the same way that they did in dc's bizarro comics and marvel's strange tales! you did read those, didn't you? silly little stories that put all of the classic dc and marvel characters in the most exciting--or most mundane--situations that you just don't see in the mainstream stories! wonder woman and her friends go shopping for bathing suits! modok chooses a wife! superman and batman become the next lennon and mccartney!...

strange, silly, bizarre, weird, wacky, wonky, and out-of-this-world are just a handful of some of my favorite words...

...but also what we're looking for from YOU!! ...and you! ...and you! ...and you!
got a way-out crazy idea for a totally wild perhapanauts story--? do it! we're looking for the wildest, strangest stuff you can think of and we'll post it and most likely publish it when we get enough to take on the road!
can't spell? doesn't matter! can't draw? doesn't matter! have fun and get silly--the skies the limit and we can't wait to see what you might do!
come on! get your strange on!
it's gonna be fun!

gotta go!
smell ya later!


Rich Woodall said...

Sweet! I can't wait, all good stuff!!!

Jason Copland said...

What Rich said!

Brian said...

Looking forward to seeing your work, guys.