Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FCCR no.6 and "Tales from the Perhaps"~


well, one thing that makes something a success in the comic book world these days is consistency. if you're trying to publish an independent comic book or magazine in this crazy market, it's good to make sure that it comes out on a regular basis and comes out when you say it's gonna come out.
oh, and it should be good. : )

the 6th issue of First Class Comic Review is that--GOOD!
my two pals, Ellie and Lily Egleton, have, once again, put together a fantastic review of all the cool stuff out there for the all-ages set, with interviews, checklists, editorials, the big debate!, and so much more! this volume featuring a cover by their friends, Beth Vince and Kieran Pereira, you can find FCCR all of the finer comics shoppes and through their website at


with the launch of our new "TALES FROM THE PERHAPS" feature last friday, premiering the first part of our first tale, "Saints and Sinners" by rich and jason, i've received a pantload of emails and facebook messages from artists and writers alike, eager to get involved and get started!! once again, this opportunity is open to EVERYONE!!--the specs for the stories are listed below and the doors are wide open~! have fun! get silly! be creative!

also, though we already have a few tales "in the can", the "tales" will be put in the queue to be posted as they come in...complete. we cannot hold a place or wait while the last panel is being inked or colored or lettered. a new page of "Tales From The Perhaps" will be posted every friday.

these are our version of what if? or elseworlds stories featuring, of course, members of the perhapanauts cast and crew. these tales should feature alternate reality versions of our characters, not the characters themselves. por exemplo; put them in different time periods, different worlds, different story genres. a western, a horror movie, a space opera. these stories should be from four (4) to 10 (ten) pages--no more than 10--and should be a complete story (beginning, middle, and end). writers; we can't guarantee that we can find you an artist, so if you know someone, partner up! artists; if you're interested in having some fun with a perhapanauts story and are eager to add to your growing portfolio, let us know and we'll team you up with a talented writer!
note: since these tales take more effort and commitment from all involved, we ask that you run your premise by us before diving full in. we wouldn't want everyone writing and drawing the same western for example...

these tales are a lot looser and wackier. the sky's the limit and the weirder, the better! these are our versions of the bizarro comics and the strange tales stories and can be 1 (one), 2 (too), 3 (three), four (4), or 6 pages long (six). they should be fun or silly or bizarre and, once again, be wonky versions of our characters doing...well, whatever you can think of.
as these tales are meant to be looser and wilder, don't run them by us first, just send them in. we can't wait!


and here, ready to make a guest appearance in your nightmares, is this horrible thing that rich sent me the other day (to cheer me up...!) they call it a bear-spider, but i think it's more of a spider-bear...right? (you put the name of the creature that's been..."augmented" on the end. sharktopus. spider-man. attorney. get it? plus, "spider-bear" just rolls of the tongue easier...) whatever, we decided we would rather not run into one of these things in the woods anytime soon...

sweet dreams!

be here friday for more "tales from the Perhaps"!
smell ya later~!

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Brian said...

Glad to hear the 'Haps tales have got so many folks fired up. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.