Wednesday, May 11, 2011

tales from the perhaps! and strange tales from the perhaps!


when i posted the news yesterday about the debut this friday of the all-new, all-cool tales TALES FROM THE PERHAPS, i had also wanted to include the logo(s) for the new feature but, uh...well, craig and i hadn't yet decided on a winner yet...

but we got it figured out yesterday afternoon and here they be~!

pretty, huh?
i like 'em.

the other thing i wanted to post were the story specs. if, for any reason, you should find yourself with some free time on your hands and decide you wanted to write and/or draw one of these tales, you'll have some idea as to the format we would need. here they are:

these are our version of what if? or elseworlds stories featuring, of course, members of the perhapanauts cast and crew. these tales should feature alternate reality versions of our characters, not the characters themselves. por exemplo; put them in different time periods, different worlds, different story genres. a western, a horror movie, a space opera. these stories should be from four (4) to 10 (ten) pages--no more than 10--and should be a complete story (beginning, middle, and end). writers; we can't guarantee that we can find you an artist, so if you know someone, partner up! artists; if you're interested in having some fun with a perhapanauts story and are eager to add to your growing portfolio, let us know and we'll team you up with a talented writer!
note: since these tales take more effort and commitment from all involved, we ask that you run your premise by us before diving full in. we wouldn't want everyone writing and drawing the same western for example...

these tales are a lot looser and wackier. the sky's the limit and the weirder, the better! these are our versions of the bizarro comics and the strange tales stories and can be 1 (one), 2 (too), 3 (three), four (4), or 6 pages long (six). they should be fun or silly or bizarre and, once again, be wonky versions of our characters doing...well, whatever you can think of.
as these tales are meant to be looser and wilder, don't run them by us first, just send them in. we can't wait!

NOTE: craig and i have NO MONEY. did you hear that? there are zero dollars here. while we would love to be able to pay everyone for any work they might put into these stories, that is just not a reality. we are broke. any stories that you do need to come from:
a.) your love for the characters and/or a desire to tell a story,
2.) a desire to gain some (fun!) semi-professional experience as a writer or artist,
~!.) you had nothing better to do, or,
§.) a combination of any or all of the above.

also any stories submitted become the property of plays well with otters. they have to. we can't do it any other way.

should you have any further questions about any of this, please 'e' me at and we'll getcha on your way!

BE HERE on friday for the debut of TALES FROM THE PERHAPS! featuring the first installment of the awesome "Saints and Sinners" by Rich Woodall and Jason Copland!

thanks! hope ya have fun!
smell ya later~!


Jason Copland said...

Cool! I think I may be trying my hand at a Strange Tales... solo!

Leanne said...

Can't wait to see these!

Scott Weinstein said...

I'm really excited for these. Especially for the world to see what Jason, Leanne, Rich, Craig, Kelly, and this other dude (can't remember his name now) drew.

todd said...

would LOVE to see a little strange tales from you, jason!!

scott--i didn't plug your story too much yet 'cause i wanna get rich and jason's up and running first!

Russ Burlingame said...

Damn my lack of artistic ability! I've had a couple of ideas for these stories in my back pocket for a while.