Tuesday, May 03, 2011

boston report part 1


what a great weekend~!
we had a fantastic time at the boston comic con and there is much to tell! saw lots of friends, met a lot of long-time perhapanauts readers and, hopefully, made a few more! craig and i were amazed at how fast the perhapanauts trades--dark days and triangle--were flying off the tables! and i met a bunch of super hero squad fans as well!

it was a really fun show--and i had a wonderful time back home with craig and trish and the kids--and i will report a bit more on alla that tomorrow. but here are the pics i know you're waiting for...the costumes...!
enjoy and i'll catch up with you with more tomorrow morning!

poison ivy and scarecrow

this very colorful couple; big barda and mister miracle


spoiler: this is spoiler

my apologies to this lovely donna troy. i should have checked the picture closely and asked to take another shot. it wasn't til later that i realized that her eyes were closed and, sadly, this photo didn't pick up the sparkling material that she used to replicate troia's starry costume.


this guy WAS sinestro. he strode around the con with the posture and arrogant nose-in-the-air attitude that made everyone look...and take a step back. he was both impressive and intimidating...until you asked him for a picture. then he was like, "oh, yeah, man, sure!" perfect costume on the perfect guy for the part.

batman and his bat-brood

wonder woman

zatanna and the question

another perfect guy with the perfect costume--everyone loved this impressive mr. incredible...

and this blurry (sorry) shot of his impressive, incredible might...

power girl

harley quinn and poison ivy


smell ya later~!


Rich Woodall said...

Hahha, I totally photo bombed Wonder Woman!

Matt Wieringo said...

Looks like a great time. Sorry I missed it. That guy in the Sinestro costume had guts to walk around like that. I mean, that mustache...damn.

Brian said...

Great pictures, Todd.

Warren said...

Was Mr. Incredible giving you pointers for picking up chicks? ;)

Heywood Jablomie said...

man looks like a great time! nice photo bomb by rich too that was awesome!! hahaha