Wednesday, June 01, 2011

HEROESCON Here We Come~!


well as we rush around trying to get work done and bags packed, craig and mike and i are coming down to the wire with the exclusive haps heroescon one-sheet 2011, and so, sadly, i am not able to show you the print in all it's full-color glory--you'll have to wait 'til later for that part.
in the meantime, though, here is the mock-up and the copy that will accompany the awesome image that craig drew so well!

The Raleigh Blob

“...reluctant to resort to disinformation, but the media had already taken notice and one of our eager young Techs in BioLogics distributed the explanation that this was a rogue, but completely benign, colony of annelid worms, Naidinae Tubifex. Which was just enough Latin to make most people go away.
“I took no offense to the story, of course...but this was no
family of tubificinae out on holiday. I had encountered this life-form many times before, in a myriad of dimensions, and can testify that it’s intentions are anything but innocuous. If categorized here on Earth, this entity no doubt would fall into the phylum cnidaria, but there ends similarities with any terra-born creature. This aggressive invader somehow manages to ooze from one dimension to another, forcing the smallest amount of it’s gelatinous form through as small as a pin-hole, and roots itself somewhere damp and dark, extracting nutrients and sustenance from anything that comes in proximity.
“And grows. To enormous proportions. Rivaling counties, states, whole countries. I have visited, briefly, entire dimensions infested with this monster. It is unstoppable, it has no naturally occurring enemies. There is no known weapon or deterrent to destroy or control it, though there are many resources to draw on here that are not available in other realms.
“Our first inclination was to arrest the creature’s life-functions by enveloping it with extreme cold, freezing it and effectively neutralizing it until it could be safely relocated.
“As any scientist will tell you much of the scientific process is trial and error, your only concern being that you survive each error so that you might attempt another trial. That is my hope now.”

Report filed by MG
video dated 4-27-09
Cameron Village, NC
suburb of Raleigh


from yahoo, look at these trees that are both cool...

...and weird...

Trees in forest in Gryfino, Poland
Mysteriously crooked trees in a forest in Gryfino, Poland. The reason for the curve is still unknown

okay, i gotta go pack~!
be here friday for a report from the convention floor
and part 4 of rich and jason's "saints and sinners" in
"tales from the perhaps"
see ya in charlotte!
smell ya later!