Tuesday, June 07, 2011

home from HEROES~!


needless to say, we had some technical difficulties while at the show this past weekend and were unable to access our webpages and blogger account while in charlotte at heroescon. too bad, 'cause we of course had rich and jason's "saints and sinners" to post as well as earlier prepared posts for both friday and monday about how the show was going/went. but here we are on tuesday trying to play catch up and damage control and none of that seems to matter...

so today i'll just say that the latest page of rich woodall and jason copland's "SAINTS and SINNERS" is now up--part 6 to be posted this friday at it's regularly scheduled time--and i'll be back here tomorrow with reports from the trip including photos of family, friends, fans, and fantastic costumes (although i gotta figure out the adjustments on my camera--i just uploaded them and they seem slightly fuzzy... sorry...)

until then, here are a couple of pics sent to us by our pal, inker and inkwell awards founder, bob almond


"who do we smooch?"

just to let you know...

i love calvin and hobbes and was trilled a couple years back when i discovered that i could have the sstrips delivered right to my e-mailbox every morning by signing up over at
as a matter of fact, gocomics has an incredible array of all of the greatest comic strips available and it is a wonderful place to go a lose yourself for a little break each day checking out old and new strips alike, like c and h and the new dick tracy with art by our good pal, joe staton!
the beauty of this right now is that they have recently started at the beginning with calvin and hobbes and re-reading those very early strips each day reminds me once again of the magic that that series brought right from the get-go! what charming, delightful characters these are and you'd be doing yourself a favor to hook-up now and watch this classic unfurl!

okay--more tomorrow!
smell ya later!

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