Friday, June 17, 2011

thom's displays and the washington dc show~!


so my good friend thom zahler--of LOVE and CAPES fame, and if you're not reading that you're missing out on a lot of superhero-and-their-relationships fun!!--posted this on his blog a couple weeks back and iu wasn't able to post it until now! thom makes these AWESOME , lightweight table stands for your comic books, trades, cd's, dvd's, whatever!! they're great and if you travel to shows and want a cool, efficient, economical way to display your books--or even if you just want sharp way to display your favorites in your room, den, or man-cave--look no further! these are fantastic!
take a look~!

Display Stands for Sale
Last year, I figured out a way to make a display stand for showing off my books at comic conventions using foam core. The idea was I wanted something light, cheap, and if needed, disposable. Shipping costs for shows are an issue, and with baggage fees and everything, something that doesn’t add much weight and can be abandoned seemed like a needed combination. And, when folded, it’ll fit in a standard large suitcase.

I posted the plans (which may have had a couple of minor errors in the measurements originally, but they’ve been fixed) online for everyone to use.

But, some people have asked what I’d charge to just go ahead and make them. I resisted for a while, trying to figure out if there was a way to make the template quickly and effectively. I think I’ve come up with it, so now I’m making them available for purchase. If you want one, I’ll make you one for $70.00 and bring it down. I’ll be glad to bring them to any show I’ll be at, and if you want it shipped, we can figure that out, too.

So, if you’re going to HeroesCon and want one of these, let me know and I’ll make one and bring it down. Orders close Wednesday, June 1.

And, if you want to build one yourself, the plans are still online, too.

for ordering info, and to see this same story over on his cool blog, go to:


"SAINTS and SINNERS" by rich woodall and jason copland pt 7 is UP! go see it now in ^ "tales from the perhaps"


and here are a buncha fun charts sent to me by the (in)famous spencer beck~!

that's it!
come and see us in dc on sunday if you're in the area!
and happy father's day to alla you dads!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Ha! Love that last one.

Have fun at the show. I was going to bring your display to D.C. but I can't make the show now. I hope it doesn't cause you problems. I'll definitely bring it to Baltimore.

Good luck!

Brian said...

Have a great time in DC.