Friday, October 28, 2011

happy halloween~!


we've got quite a weekend planned here for halloween--sharon and i are going to a halloween costume party at my friend veronica's on saturday night and then the albany comic con on sunday! i'd invite y'all to the halloween party, but it's not my place (and i don't think her place is that big~~!) but i can and will invite you to come by the comic con on sunday and say hey. there's sure to be an extra helping of cool costumes and, i'm told, even some candy!

in my own attempt to get into the halloween spirit these past two weeks, i've been immersing myself in all sorts of horror; movies, tv shows, books, audiobooks...
movies--i told you that matt sent me a collection of great hammer horror--the curse of frankenstein, frankenstein must be destroyed, horror of dracula, dracula has risen from the grave, taste the blood of dracula, and the mummy
tv--sharon and i are loving the new season of the walking dead and have been watching the first season of fringe which definitely has it's horrific, amc is running all the great stuff ...
books--i just busted out bruce jones' twisted tales short story collection. not to be confused with his awesome horror anthology from pacific comics back in the 80s, bruce also put out a very limited printing of this book that has a handful of great treasures in prose. fun stuff! also reading another paperback i'd saved from the 80s, phantom by thomas tessier. i don't remember what it's about, but i hung onto it, so it musta been good...right?
audiobooks--i listened to the first book of the strain trilogy on my ipod, then the original frankenstein (i thought i'd read it years ago, but nope. very different than what we think the story is and i highly recommend you read it or listen to it. it's great!) and have just started listening to the audio version of brian keene's ghoul--matt i think you're gonna dig this the most!!

so that's what i've been doing--how 'bout you?
are you ready for monday?

to get you in the mood, i scanned the net for some creepy halloween pictures and focused more on old creepy costumes--
i hope they creep the hell out of you...

that's it from me!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

I read both Dracula and Frankenstein back in high school and thought both books were far superior to the movie adaptations I had seen up to that point. Today, I can appreciate both the books and the movies as separate works of art.

That, of course, is in the past. This year, Halloween really snuck up on me and I have not done much to get in the spirit. I've got a couple of horror genre comics, The 6th Gun and I Zombie that I hope to read this weekend, but other than that, not much