Monday, March 19, 2012

eric's blog and sundry jpgs...


i'm posting this on the "small" setting to inspire and encourage you to head on over to our pal eric henson's blog to see, not only this awesome--and in full size--big marker sketch, but also to check out eric's versions of batman, the silver surfer, and another colored version of eric's sweet perhapanauts cover!

here's the pic and here's the link--go check 'em out! they're great!


and while we're doing a little blog-jumping this morning, may i also direct your attention to christian's blog where mr. leaf has been busy doing several way-cool pieces for a benefit to help a local artist out with medical bills following a brain tumor. this big daddy roth/ratfink inspired zombiker got my motor runnin' the first time i laid my bulging, blood-shot eyes on it! and i've seen the final, colored version!! hopefully, christian will post that soon too!

go see some more of christian's stuff at

(oddly enough christian is currently inking the second half of eric's back-up story that will be featured in the upcoming perhapanauts miniseries, danger down under! and he's also inked both parts of matt wieringo's back-up story too! that's a lotta inkin', stinkin'! thanks christian!)


and speaking of the newest perhapanauts adventure, over on the perhapanauts facebook page--please go over and 'like' us...and get your friends to, too--i've posted this picture as well as the story of the mysterious mongoose called gef. one of the strangest cryptid cases of all time, gef appeared to a small family in a small farmhouse on ireland's the isle of man back in 1931 and soon caused no small amount of scandal as a bizarrely intelligent--and well-spoken--talking weasel. ya gotta read the article to believe it. or don't--i'm not forcing you.
but it is fascinating...


and here are a couple of jpegs that i found either cute or fun or funny.
big thanks to my niece jordyn who sent me that last one late at night and made me wake sharon up with my laughter.
(i dig sarah mclachlan--and, of course, cats and dogs--but those commercials are criminal.)

have a great monday~!
smell ya later~!


Eric Henson said...

Thanks for showing muh' blog some love, Todd! Great post about Gef and the work that good ol' Christian is doing!

Brian said...

Thanks for the links Todd, you always find great stuff on the net.

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