Friday, March 09, 2012

see ya saturday~ OCTOBER COUNTRY super signing~!


just in case you missed it, i will re-post this announcement that says that me and all my comic book buddies are gonna be in new paltz (ny) this saturday--that's tomorrow--signing comic books, acting out scenes from each other's stories, and playing "hi bob!" every time someone says hello to bob wiacek...
it's gonna be fun--you should come...


and now we come
to a new feature we'd like to call

"pictures i stole."
(actually this is kinda an old feature; i've been 'borrowing' pictures from all over the internet since this blog began...)

this week, most have been gently lifted from my facebook friends, from their avatar/profile pics or from their walls...

now i had never seen this pic of possibly the creepiest twins in cinematic history, but it was really nice to see at least one of them smiling. and i did just read that neither danny lloyd--who played danny--nor the girls--louise and lisa burns--knew that they were making a horror movie. director stanley kubrick filmed all of their scenes in a fun and playful atmosphere and shielded them all from any of the creepy stuff.

i posted the earlier, rougher version of this awesome eric joyner painting some time last year 'cause i thought it was fun and cool. i'm posting this 2.0 version because i am now just so into everything the big bang theory. sheldon and leonard have this on the closet door behind the coach and i just dig it!

and this pic, well, it speaks for itself.
you know how much i love costumes and cosplay.
oh, and girls.

because i got this offa one of my italian facebook friend's pages and i don't speak italian, i don't know whether schimerys baal took this picture or eudes honorato. or maybe this IS one of them and the other took the picture. or the other way around. either way; smokin' costume!

see ya in new paltz!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Love the painting of the Robots.

Have a great time at the signing, sorry I cannot be there. Sounds like fun.

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