Monday, March 12, 2012

the signing at October Country~!


as many of you know--or, if by chance you've seen my or weezie simonson's facebook pages--we had an awesome time this past saturday in the newly refurbished and dedicated "joe sinnott signing hall" in the downstairs section of october country comics in new paltz ny.

i will not bore you with the details of how writer/artist/satirist fred hembeck officially--yet secretly--declared early that morning that he would only be signing his name backwards all day, leaving many a perplexed fan scratching their heads as they pondered the huge "DERF" scrawled across their precious comics. or how inking legend and celebrated hand-model terry austin physically embraced every seventh person in line and gifted them with a vintage prize from a 1970s cracker jack box...
i'll just go ahead and run the reel...

the lovely ramona fradon and the equally stunning joe sinnott

joe and the charming bob wiacek
(points to bob for putting up with sitting next to me all afternoon. thanks, bob. and sorry...)

the better-looking half of our hoary hosts--mike giacoia.
(sorry, bruce--i'd already put the camera away when we finally got to talk...)

the terry and the fred--there is no doubt these guys think they're in a sitcom.

joe staton--you are reading the dick tracy daily strip, aren't you?--and my panel-partner, dr.who artist and enthusiast, matthew dow smith

matt and artist/instructor paul abrams

the king and the queen--walter and louise simonson. i think these two would be the wacky neighbors in fred and terry's sitcom.

or maybe it would be the other way around...?

weezie taking a picture of me while i'm taking a picture of her.
(she is a much better--and smarter--photographer, holding the camera out and not using a flash...)

and finally, a shot from over the shoulder of the inimitable joe sinnott~!

and i'm out~
smell ya later~!