Friday, January 11, 2013

rich and craig's KYRRA~!


so, we are getting some really great feedback and reviews for the third issue of Perhapanauts:Danger Down Under!--many people questioning where the second half of Eric Henson's Molly'S Mission went to (heh heh...< g >), i'd like to swing your attention in another direction for just a moment and let you in on a little secret craig and rich have apparently been keeping form us all.

over at the swiftly-growing, check out all the titles, ARTIST'S ALLEY Comics, craig and rich have posted the third installment of their exciting and gorgeous comic, KYRRA, the Alien Jungle Girl!
with stunning colors by lawrence basso, this is just a beautifully told, dynamically illustrated fantasy adventure that YOU JUST CAN'T MISS!!

i really don't wanna say anymore and just let these few pages speak for themselves.

so...what are you waiting for...?!

head on over to   and get the rest of this story--and the others!
there's some great stuff to be had at AA--take a look around!

that's all for now!
 have a great weekend!
 smell ya later!