Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the amazing adventures of...matthew dow smith~!


so matt and i have been friends, forever!
our mutual pal, ron marz, introduced us years ago as matt was making his way into the business and was then immediately pounced upon by DC to work on the "day of judgement" event/miniseries. he went on to work on some wonderful projects--hellboy: box full of evil, the keep, and, one of my favorites, nightcrawler. these days he's better known for his gorgeous work on the dr. who titles, a dream job for a who fan from waaaaaaay back!



we live not far from one another and are regular guests at the albany comic con where, tired of the same old, same old comic book panels and the usual blah, blah, blah that goes with that--us yammering on and people having to listen--matt and i created the 'matt and todd roundtable'--where everyone in the room gets to talk and share what they love about comics. we have a lotta fun with it and always more than a couple laughs.
but we've never worked on a story together.
we always said we wanted to, but nothing came up.
matt kept saying that he'd love to do a perhapanauts story with me and to let him know when i had something for him...

little did he know what he got himself into...

when i told craig about matt's offer, he lit up like a christmas tree. "matthew dow smith?!? i LOVE that guy!"
so when we were working on danger down under!, and the story called for a dream sequence for big (...or is it...?), craig and i immediately thought how very cool and dreamy matt's style would make those eight pages. i asked matt, he said sure, and we were in heaven.

unfortunately, matt is a very busy guy and an artist in high demand.
so when i gave him the pages and said, "no rush.", i knew we'd have lots of time before we'd actually need them. whenever we'd talk, i'd remind him they were there, but he was constantly working on this project or that one. i told him that, if it were too much, if he had too much on his plate, that i would (reluctantly) find someone else to do it. he told me to shut up. he was determined to do this.
ultimately, it came right down to the wire and, matt--the great friend and always true to his word--promised me that he meant what he said and that he would have them done on time. he worked long, coffee-fueled hours into the late, late night, both nights, on that final weekend before the monday morning deadline. i was amazed at the fantastic work he kept sending me--and touched by his integrity and friendship.

thank you SO much, matt~!
you made this dream sequence a dream come true for us.
thanks, buddy!

that's it for now!
smell ya later!


Eric Henson said...

Its a brilliantly drawn and brilliantly written segment of the book! I'm really glad he added his talents to the fray!

Matt Wieringo said...

Awesome stuff! And so perfect for the 'Haps.

alison said...

Amazing what certain people can do with black.

Brian said...

Loved that sequence.

Anonymous said...

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