Thursday, August 08, 2013

lauren monardo-gramprey and the debut of...B-SQUAD!!


you all remember lauren and her incredible work on The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs and our own little tale together, "goodbye larry" (from Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! no.1) as well as all the others pin-ups and postcards she's sent our way!
lauren's a very special member of the family and so it is with great pleasure that i now point you toward her latest project--a comic book series that she's doing with writer eben e.b. burgoon--B-SQUAD: Soldiers of Misfortune!

it's about a team of very unique mercenaries who travel the world over on either ridiculously deadly or deadly ridiculous missions! the caveat of the book is that in every issue, guaranteed, someone is gonna die! and even the writer doesn't know who it's gonna be! (see the kickstarter video for more on this leave-it-to-fate insanity!) the first four issues promise action, adventure, blood, gore, mogwai and, especially, laughs!

lauren and eben have already done a lot of work on this project--much of it you can take a look at at are also currently running a kickstarter campaign to make it happen!
if you're like most people--and who isn't?--you love the fact that kickstarter is awesome 'cause it gets the money into the hands of the actual creators rather than a ridiculously small percentage when marketed/produced through an unfeeling, uncaring third party corporation.

so, head on over to their kickstarter page

 and, if B-SQUAD looks like the type of Squad you've been looking for--Kickstart it!

smell ya later!


Lauren said...

Thanks so much, Todd!! "and if you're like most people - and who isn't" hahaha that gets me every time!!! you're the best :)

Eben? said...

Thank you so much for sharing B-Squad with your dear readers, Todd. Our efforts have lead to B-Squad being fully funded and proceeding onward with exciting stretch goals! Thanks so much for helping us!