Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Perhapanauts Audio Comic--The Cast Part 2


so, with the PERHAPANAUTS AUDIO COMIC set to drop this sunday, december 15th  (it's kinda exciting...i've never had anything about to "drop" before...), i thought it would be cool to introduce you the the terrifically talented actors and actresses who brought your favorite paranormal investigations team to life.

gathered for a thrilling weekend in portland maine back in july, i got to meet and hang out with elaine, lance, and bill and the dream cast they put together for the first ever perhapanauts recording session. friday night we had a read through and briefing to give some of the actors more insight into the characters than might have appeared on the page. immediately there was a feeling of camaraderie and family--everybody fit together so well. they got to know their characters and we all got to know one another.

so let's start with arisa...

arisa was voiced by voice actress/book narrator-performer/dialect instructor, coach (and phenom!!) ROBIN MILES!! when we first started talking about doing a perhapanauts audio comic, lance and bill would talk in hushed tones, whispering, "maybe would could get robin miles for arisa..." then they'd kinda sigh like that was a pipe dream never to be realized. then the day came that they were able to secure her for the recording and called me to tell me like a couple of giddy schoolgirls who got tickets to one direction! her credits would break this blog. i checked her out online, but that was nothing compared to meeting her in person! she knew arisa immediately and wait 'til you hear...

Robin Miles

Robin Miles is an Audiofile Magazine Golden Voice, who they say “never disappoints.” She has recorded over 250 audiobooks, documentary films, museum installations, and audio dramas & comics and is one of the most sought after VO artists in the industry. Fans love her nuanced narration, emotional range, and impressive array of accents and characters, both male & female. 

In addition to winning numerous awards (Audies, Earphones, and “Best of the Year” designations), she is a Broadway veteran, with numerous classical and new play premiers, TV, film, and museum exhibits from coast to coast. Her recent and notable audio entertainment titles include Paint the Bird, Molly Danger, The Perhapanauts, Cleopatra: A Life, The Warmth of Other Suns, and the 2012 Audie finalist, The Freedom Maze.

An accent specialist with a love of language and literature, Ms. Miles also directs and teaches through her own production and teaching studio in NYC, Voxpertise. She has been Asst. Professor of speech at SUNY Purchase Theater Conservatory, acting teacher for the Neighborhood Playhouse, ESL instructor at Kaplan's NY International Center, and communication coach to Merrill Lynch managers. Now she teaches privately, at the National Audio Theater Festival, and directs celebrities and authors for different publishers.  She holds a BA from Yale University, an MFA from the Yale School of Drama and a certificate from the British American Drama Academie in England.

i got a chance to hear many of her incredible accents and dialects during an unforgettable 5 hour drive home with her and our molly, actress/comedian jaime andrews. jaime and i looked at each other many times, our mouths agape, as robin wound through her astounding repertoire of voices and accents!!


man, did they nail mg. 
when bill and lance told me that they'd lined up PAUL DRINAN to voice our mysterious "new guy" on the team--our story takes place shortly after mg joined the ranks of the 'haps--i was eager to see how anyone would handle the very reserved agent without having very much to go on. i had nothing to worry about when i heard paul read him, channeling mg's desire to fit in while still maintaining that air of shadowy mystery. juggling playful and enigmatic is a tough thing--especially using only the tone, timbre, and inflection in your voice--but paul hit it perfectly. 

after our initial read-through was over, paul was the first to grab me to ask more about his character; what was his deal, back-story, where had he been, where was he going?
i sheepishly told him that, sorry, that was all top secret information. he very graciously accepted that, but then i broke and swore him to secrecy. along with craig and scott weinstein, paul drinan is the only other guy who knows the real secret of mg--he's HAVE to know, right? to be able to play him the best. but don't try to break him; we'll find you.

Paul Drinan
While acting in New York, Paul studied with the highly respected Jodie McClintock (Shakespeare), Terry Schreiber (scene study and stage relationships) and Patsy Rodenberg (vocal coach to the Royal Shakespeare Company). While in LA, Paul had the good fortune of studying voice over with Louise Chamis.  Paul has worked extensively in film, television, on stage and in the recording booth. Directors Paul has worked with include Stanley Tucci, Jim Wilson, Mel Gibson, Joe Pitka, and Bill Dufris. Paul has shared the set and stage with Cameron Diaz and Mark Jacoby, narrated for The Portland Symphony, and has been a personal bartender to Dan Rather.

Favorite theatrical roles include Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, Berowne in Loves Labours Lost, Nick in Over The River, MacDuff in Macbeth,  Michael in What Happened Was, Mitchell in The Little Dog Laughed and Steve in August: Osage County. Paul is a founding member of the Acorn Shakespeare Ensemble, the award winning audio theater group Rocky Coast Radio Theater and has performed with members of The Royal Shakespeare Company.

As a media coach, Paul guides people and organizations by giving them the tools and confidence to deal with their fear of public speaking and improve their presentation skills. Paul has helped achieve successful media moments on a local, regional and national level. For more information please visit

more on this awesome cast tomorrow!
smell ya later!