Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Perhapanauts Audio Comic Cast--Part 4


continuing our build-up to the launch of our Perhapanauts Audio Comic, we'll fill out the cast with three more members of the family.

CRICKET Sgt Jeff McCluskey

Brent Askari

though CRICKET Sgt Jeff McCluskey hasn't seen a lot of action in the pages of the Perhapanauts, he acts, in this story, as our "eyes in", the character we follow as he is introduced to this strange new world we've dropped him into. so we needed an actor who could be the "everyman", the character that the listener could identify with as the weirdness unfolded around him. brent brought this and more and, right from the start, you can feel him guiding you too through the doors of this mysterious place called BEDLAM.

Brent Askari is a member of Mad Horse Theatre and the Stone Pinhead Ensemble. He narrates the nationally syndicated children’s program Animal Science and has performed in numerous audio productions. Brent has written screenplays for several production companies, including Paramount Pictures, Marvel Films, and MTV. 

CRICKET Commander Khial Forges

Joshua Hughes

as the staunch CRICKET Commander Khial Forges, josh had his hands full having to be both authoritative and informative, explaining to mccluskey--along with CRICKET brian mulcahy--the ins and outs of BEDLAM and it's very unique agents. josh did a fantastic job of establishing some semblance of order even when his partner might been pushing his buttons.


Christopher Price

wait until you hear...

chris is big.

for those of you who want to see the finished album/cd cover, it looks like this;

it'll be here tomorrow, available through iTunes, amazon and on the audio comics company website,

can't wait! 
smell ya later!