Monday, December 16, 2013



so, it's here and it's up and available through Amazon, iTunes, and the Audio Comics Company's own website!

here are the links!

Audio Comics (Germany):

for iTunes, just go to iTunes and type in "Perhapanauts" and you're set!

i had a wonderful time doing this, met some absolutely fantastic people, and learned an awful lot about telling a story for radio.
one of the things i learned is that, when you sell something through Amazon or iTunes, THEY get to decide at what price your hard work will sell for. (which is absolutely horrific!) so, in our case, The Perhapanauts: Monsters among us seeks for $7.99 at the Audio Comics Company, $6.99 at Amazon, and a ridiculous $1.99 on iTunes (whom I used to love...)

if you're dying to hear our Perhapanauts Audio Comic, but don't have a lotta money, race on over to iTunes and get it cheap. if you DO happen to have a little cash in your account and would like to support the wonderful artists and producers who made this thing happen, download it from one of the other sites.
either way, i really hope you like it.

cd versions of the adventure will be available in early 2014.
have a great monday!
smell ya later~!