Tuesday, February 21, 2006



well, i got back from craig's yesterday after an absolutely GREAT weekend with him and his family--as well as a really nice show over in boston! saw a lot of old friends--dave tata, mike oeming, neil vokes, matt talbot--and met a bunch of new ones! also had the pleasure of taping an interview with jim, a huge spider-man fan i met last year, although this year it seems that a new light is being shed on the x-men's age of apocalypse storyline from a few years back. eh, jim?
anyway, it was a great time and i was even able to pick up a few old books for my collection; some really gorgeous nick cardy teen titans! if you wanna see some really beautiful artwork, pick up the teen titans archives--the original series from the 60's-70's--and just have some fun! nick is my hero!

i only got through half of stephen king's cell on cd; a chilling story (so far!) and a great way to make the trip zoom by. (also i was doin', like, 85 the whole way...)

one of the things we worked on while i was at craig's--besides the windows in his new addition--was the trade paperback of this perhapanauts first series (which we are calling "first blood".) (you'll see why after next issue.) (as if there wasn't enough blood in the first issue!) anyway, we're tweaking a few things here and there--not really george lucasing it, but making a few changes that we weren't able to do on the originals due to looming deadlines. we're also including some earlier stuff (stories from the perhapanauts: dossier) and an expanded, colored bios/bedlam files section that includes a few creatures/characters that we haven't even seen yet!
but here's the best part--and i can't even tell ya who--but we're lining up some really great pin-ups for the trade that are gonna make it worth the price just for them! stay tuned to this perhapablog for more details as it becomes okay for us to name names...

and that's it. hope everybody's well and that if you're reading this, you won't be too shy to drop a comment at the bottom so that we know you're there. i mean, we can hear ya breathing...

peace out!


Jason Copland said...

Hey Todd!
I was chatting with my collaborator, A. David Lewis, and he mentioned that he met you and Craig at the show. Did ADL push the ashcan of our new book Empty Chamber under your nose? I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it!

Anyway, glad to hear the show was fun and I'll be looking out for the Perhapanauts trade!


todd said...

thanks, kojee--but don't get too excited. you haven't seen issue 4 yet...and it sucks.

and, no, jason, i didn't see empty chamber (although i was drunk most of the time...). do you have it up on a website somewhere that i could see it?

thanks for posting comments, you guys!~