Thursday, March 30, 2006

rich and matt and johnny raygun


as i said, rich (woodall) is making things easy for me as he continues to send cool, creepy stories that i just hafta copy up here. here's another one he sent the other day. enjoy!

I have to believe some of it was just my childhood
> imagination. My dad was really big into letting me
> watch horror movies and telling me scary stories.
> One Halloween night my dad took my brother and I to
> a friends house (again, we lived in Arkansas, so
> it's all backwoods Evil Dead looking places) and he
> had a really old truck, and the gas gauge didn't
> work, so he's tellin' us about Ghouls and Zombies
> and how they only come out on Halloween night and
> they eat the flesh of the living... he knows he has
> us scared to death. So he starts pumping the gas...
> "uh oh guys, we're running out of gas" my brother
> and I aren't that concerned at this point, but when
> he rolls to a stop right in front of a grave yard we
> start to panic. He tells us to calm down and he's
> going to go up the road and get some gas from
> someone, but he wants us to be quiet and sit in the
> floorboard of the truck. So we do. We peek over the
> dashboard and watch him walk around the corner and
> out of site. So here we are, I'm 5 or 6 and my
> brother's 2 years younger. We are scared to death
> that if we talk a zombie's going to come and eat us.
> About 10 minutes pass and all of the sudden
> something jumps in the bed of the truck and starts
> pounding on the roof of the truck... I piss myself
> and we scream like crazy. Then we hear my dad
> laughing his ass off. He had doubled around in the
> woods and jumped in the truck to scare us... it
> worked. He loved doing that stuff. I have many more
> stories about my dad scaring my brother and I... I
> won't bore you with them right now, but it helped
> mold who I am today that's for sure.
> -Rich

and here, making it even easier than that, is the BEAUTIFUL perhapanauts pin-up rich and matt (talbot) did for the upcoming perhapanauts trade, due out in august! as i mentioned in the last blog, rich and matt do this wonderfully fun comic called JOHNNY RAYGUN that, if ya haven't already, you should check out. thanks for the pic, you guys it's AWESOME!
oh, and the colors on this bad boy were done by rockin' ray dillon of golden goat studio! thanks to you too, ray!


matt said...

Thanks, Todd, I'm glad you like it! I also want to note that the coloring was done by Rockin' Ray Dillon of Golden Goat Studios fame. He really did a great job.

todd said...

yeah, y'know, rich sent me all that and about an hour after i posted, i went "oooooh, i shoulda credited ray too." i'll go back in and edit it into the original post. then yours and my comments here will look like redundant ramblings of two crazy people.
but actually, i'm cool wid' dat.
thanks, yo!

Brian said...

Great pin-up guys, can't wait
to see waht the other contributors
come up with.