Monday, June 19, 2006

just plain scary...


from the comments...

Brian said...
Thanks for reminding me about trilogy of terror. Not only was that lillle guy scary as hell, the whole show came out of left center. Really didn't expect to see something that scary on TV at that time. The whole school was talking about it the next day.

As for The Thing, I still think of the original as being the scary of the two, but that might just be because of the age at which I saw them. However, the remake had the far superior final scene.

todd said...
funny, your comment about seeing 'something that scary on tv at the time.' my friend and i were just talking about that. at the time (back in the 60's and 70's), there were a LOT of scary things on tv that today would be slapped with that 'parental advisory' announcement they make nowadays or not be allowed on at all! prior to 1980, there wasn't much governing what the networks would run, especially when it came to made-for-tv movies. along with trilogy and don't be afraid of the dark, there were countless other movies (another favorite of mine is 'the ufo incident') that were slowly making the fcc take notice. it all came to a head, of course, with 'the day after', the movie depicting life--or what was left of it--following a nuclear attack.
sorry, got goin'...
as for the original thing, though i remember being scared by the concept, the creature--and he did look like a giant carrot, didn't he?--was another one that i knew i could outrun...

that 'ufo incident' by the way, is the account of betty and barney hill, the massachusetts couple who were the first to report that they had been abducted by a ufo late one night on the way home from a vacation back in the early 60's. chilling story, but it wouldn't have been half as scary if not for the incredible performances of james earl jones, estelle parsons, and barnard hughes! i've seen jones in tons of stuff and he is a magnificent actor, but you ain't seen nothin' 'til you've seen him cry and scream as he recounts the aliens approaching him while under hypnosis! try to get your hands on a copy! it's a great film!
i'm adding it to the list...

the list so far...

the blair witch project
the blob
don't be afraid of the dark
the exorcist
friday the 13th
hush hush sweet charlotte
the thing (from another planet)
the thing
trilogy of terror
the ufo incident

anybody else...?


Anonymous said...

As a kid my dad let me watch scary movies... I lived in the back woods of Clarksville Arkansas... we didn't even have a McDonalds in town until the mid 80s.

He let me watch Evil Dead, and a movie called Demons.... both still scare the crap out of me. The pencil in the foot scene in Evil Dead will forever haunt me.

todd said...

yeah, the original 'evil dead' was much darker, much more sinister than it's sequel/remake. my roommate and i used to refer to that one as "the one where that chick gets raped by a vine".

and 'demons' was my first dario argento movie. not his best, but still full of images that will stay with you for a long time. and...wasn't jennifer connolly in that? like, right after 'labyrinth'? cute kid.
and then she grew up to be an oscar winner.
and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. (definitely on my list. she's hot!)

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