Tuesday, June 20, 2006

perhapanauts from france


craig got this really nice letter from philippe scherding, a reader in france, as well as this terrific pin-up of molly!

i can't tell you what it means when someone likes your characters so much that they want to draw them themselves! (and though craig's the one who designed our gang, i still feel that i can take a little pride; they're our "babies"...)
thank you, philippe! manifique!

and, of course, anyone else who'd like to take a swing at the 'haps, we'd love to see it!
and post it for everyone else to see...

just send 'em to me at and we'll get it up there!

more from the scary movie comments:

JohnRaygun said...
As a kid my dad let me watch scary movies... I lived in the back woods of Clarksville Arkansas... we didn't even have a McDonalds in town until the mid 80s.

He let me watch Evil Dead, and a movie called Demons.... both still scare the crap out of me. The pencil in the foot scene in Evil Dead will forever haunt me.

todd said...
yeah, the original 'evil dead' was much darker, much more sinister than it's sequel/remake. my roommate and i used to refer to that one as "the one where that chick gets raped by a vine".

and 'demons' was my first dario argento movie. not his best, but still full of images that will stay with you for a long time. and...wasn't jennifer connolly in that? like, right after 'labyrinth'? cute kid.
and then she grew up to be an oscar winner.
and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women on the planet.
(definitely on my list. she's hot!)

(note: just checked and, no, jennifer connelly was not in that.
or anything like it.
what was I thinkin'...?
and i spelled her name wrong.)

(i still think she's super-hot though...)

besides rich's offering of 'evil' dead' and 'demons', i'm adding two others of my own.

like 'the ufo incident', 'communion' is a chilling re-telling of author whitley strieber's frightening alien abduction(s). it's really well done, it's unsettling atmosphere established right at the beginning of the film and enveloping you through the entire movie. the fact that christopher walken plays strieber only makes things more offsetting. scary. suspenseful. and in one scene, to me anyway, terrifying. i will never get THAT image outta my head...

the other is 'jacob's ladder' and i'm amazed that i hadn't thought of this one before. also filmed through a nightmare lens, this is one slow-burn that never ends. tim robbins is excellent in the lead and this is another one that doesn't let you go.

anyway, here's the list.
we can re-visit it sometime if anyone wants to add or share.
thanks, everybody, for playing along.

the blair witch project
the blob
don't be afraid of the dark
evil dead
the exorcist
friday the 13th
hush hush sweet charlotte
jacob's ladder
the sixth sense
the thing (from another planet)
the thing
trilogy of terror
the ufo incident



Jason Copland said...

Demon Seed and Phantasm scared the ba-jeebz out of me when I saw them as a young child. There was also that movie with William Shatner called The Kingdom of the Spiders which caused me some sleepless nights.

And there are parts of Exorcist III that still creep me out. Like the old lady on the ceiling.... creepy, man. Creepy.

craig rousseau said...

okay, todd... i'll play.
as a kid i REALLY didn't like scary movies (and these days, i'll watch'm... but usually the "bump in the night" kind, as opposed to the "hack his arm of and use his enrtails for a slippy slide" kind)... but the one movie that completely freaked me out way back when was "the elephant man"... watching it today i can realize what an emotional, tragic tour de force it is, but back then it gave me nightmares for weeks.

Nick said...

One thing that stands out in my mind that scared me as a kid was the scene in Superman III where the "evil machine" at the end starts to take over that scientist woman, and basically wraps cables and such around her and takes over her body. It scared the hell out of me, and I'm not sure why. I tried to find an image of it, but this is all I got:

You get the idea, maybe, or are reminded of it, when you see SUperman here, when the machine is TRYING to take over him.