Tuesday, June 13, 2006

perhapanauts:second chances #3--cover

and, of course, i told you all that

to show you this...



Brian said...

If that's pie filling on the demon's fingers, then
my money is on Chupie.

Jason Copland said...

You weren't kidding about Craig kicking butt on the new covers..... sweet!

todd said...

true dat.
double true.
hopefully the stories will live up to the promise craig has put, not only every cover, but the interior art too! he has certainly set the bar higher with the pacing, the detail, and just plain energy.

(and 'cause i know he doesn't usually read these comments, i'll say this too--craig is the kind of artist i love...and love to watch! always growing, always looking around, picking up new influences and incorporating them into his work! a real artist!)
i'm so lucky.