Sunday, November 05, 2006

starting the week out right...


i have, obviously, been a bit spotty with my posts in the past few weeks, trying desperately to adhere to a monday, wednesday, friday schedule. sure i had a few busy weeks there where i was working days with my friend, jeff, but otherwise, i've done a fairly good job of keeping up.
i think.

a couple of weeks ago, i made a mention as to how i'd really like this blog--which is called the PERHAPA-blog--to be mainly about the perhapanauts and all things related; comics, weird and bizarre creatures and phenomenae, scary stuff, movies, tv, etc., and not really so much about me. sure i'll throw my 2¢ in here and there--it's tough to be completely objective--but not like the "cult of me" that i see so many writers--and some artists--cultivating on their sites. should i ever even begin to sound like that, i would hope that someone, mike or craig--or more than likely it would be brian--would reel me in and smack me up.

that said, the reason that most of last week went by without a post was because, basically, i just couldn't think of anything to post! everything i was doing last week was something off-topic, something that I was enjoying, but didn't feel that EVERYBODY would enjoy hearing about. so i stalled...and stalled...and stalled...and here it is sunday night and i want nothing more than to start this week off right.

so i have some things lined up and i hope you like 'em!

first off, as you all know, second chances #1 is out and is getting some really nice press! many people i know, both personally and internetally, have told me that they thought that second chances #1 was head and shoulders above the first series. that's okay--we like that! that's what we were shootin' for!

others have told me that they've read it several times and have found some new things with each reading! we were shootin' for that too! (although craig and i are a bit surprised that no one has picked up on some of the really hidden stuff yet...although i guess that's okay, 'cause we DID hide them...) maybe you need to take another look...

also, people have pointed out the newly expanded cast. in this issue we've introduced some new faces at bedlam; dr. trish sheehan--head of psychiatric, dr. baldeev das--head of biologics and botash, dr. michael o'neil--crypto. (these are all based--and in most cases named--after actual people, as is bedlam's psychic "den mother", joann). next issue, we'll be introducing a few more new faces--a couple of very familiar ones--as well as the return of the men in black.

hope you'll join us.

and speaking of men in black, be here wednesday for a creepy story about these incredibly sinister beings--much more sinister than what will smith and tommy lee jones have made them out to be...
like i said, creepy...
gotta go!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

The story was chock full of stuff that raised questions for me, a lot of it having to do with the time travel aspects of the story. Given the multiple avenues such a story device opens up, I tend, as a reader, to try and not over analyze it and rather just sit back and enjoy the ride.

As for "hidden" things, thinking back without the book in front of me, there was one thing I did notice right off the bat concerning future Big. Given that Rico did the work, I knew it wasn't a coloring error, but really didn't give it too much thought as I'm sure that all will be revealed and, as I have mentioned before, I like to be surprised. But, if I had to guess, I'd say that it probably is related to a certain someone who is featured on the cover of Issue No. 3.

Scott Weinstein said...

I mentioned this to Todd before. But, my favorite extra is that MG takes Arisa to the Scrubs hospital. Very subtle and very funny.