Tuesday, January 09, 2007

alison's tale--"It's a Breeze in the Tropics" part 3

(continued from yesterday's post)

Alien: Thank you and your main frame will shortly receive more documents in order to proceed with the acceptance details. Captain Miss Arisa, Mr. MG, goodbye. And Mr. MG, Suleki sends regards. [a surprised by the comment Arisa thinks she catches a glimpse of mischievous on alien's face - though ever so subtle - as well a hint of color on MG's cheeks.]
MG trying to show no emotion: uh, um [he can't manage anything coherent before alien leaves] (an aside - the comment leaves open a gazillion possibilities - not just the usual thought leap to romance - afterall, we don't even know what sex or species Suleki is.)

[MG looking at console, Arisa looking at him] MG: Oh, man - look at the time - the sun is probably just rising.

Arisa: And what was that about?
MG trying for the stony look: What? [Arisa points with a jerk of her head toward the door the alien just left through.] Oh, um, I have no idea, he must have confused me with someone else.

[In skipper ascending] MG: Well, I guess that treaty pretty much eliminates craft sightings in this area from now on.

[Skipper rising out of water with a bunch of momentarily stunned chupacabra hunters staring at it from the far side of the lagoon.]

Arisa: Uh, oh, so much for a covert operation. Sheesh, this feels like we're pullin' a Choopie maneuver. Who ARE those guys, anyway?!?

MG: Obviously a mob and from how they're armed, I'd say they're angry.
[Posse continues their pursuit, though still stunned and confused with the vision on the lagoon.]

Arisa: Yeah, but why here, why now? And WHAT are they chasing.

[Arisa and MG both spot the quarry at the same time] "CHOOPIE!"

[Arisa quickly brings the skipper to shore and runs to Big.]
Big: I can't find Molly or Choop.

Arisa: Big, no time for explanations - but I think the first Sasquatch sighting in PR is in definite order right now - and make it a noisy one. [Arisa points] That way and hurry!

[Big quickly pounds his way from the cover of trees to the shoreline, almost colliding with Choopie.] Big: Hurry, I don't know why, but hurry! Molly - both of you, GO!

[Choop and Molly disappear and as much as he hates to, Big drops his shorts for the show. He hears yelling and runs full tilt toward the sound. As soon as the hunters come into view, he starts to bellow and wave his arms menacingly, all the while still running at them.]

[Amid shots fired haphazardly and machetes being flung about in all directions, the hunters retreat to the hills.]

[Big retrieves his cargos and jogs back to the skipper.]

Big: Arisa, we can't stay here, they'll be back and probably with reporters. And with this hoopla and the sun up, it isn't safe for us on the road now, either. Our least risky option is to just hightail it back home the usual way.

[Arisa quickly assesses all possible fallout scenarios and decidedly powers up the skipper] In your seats everyone! [and takes off.]

Choopie - in his seat and already working on a blood box - looking slightly pensive: They were yellin' something about follow the stench. And that seemed to be workin' for them. . . huh. Do I stink? [sniffing his armpits. He's ignored.]

[Skipper skims by the aerostat tethered above the hills and mangrove canals/lagoons of the Lajas shore]

Choopie looking at aerostat with surprise: Hey! I thought we didn't want anyone to see us!

The rest of team in unison with exasperated looks: CHOOPIE!!

[San Juan Star next day:
-Chupacabra returns to PR! Sighted in Lajas! An elderly couple spots chupacabra AND a ghost! (blah, blah, blah squiggle lines for story)
-Chupacabra hunters relate harrowing tale!! In one night, these men claim to have encountered a chupacabra (they couldn't catch it), a UFO, (they watched it fly away) and a bigfoot (it scared them off the hunt)! In the wee hours yesterday, Lajas mayor, Jose "Tato" Camacho, pulled a posse together at the local bar, El Ultimo Trago. . .
-Aerostat officials claim to know nothing! Mr. H. White, director of the Lajas Aerostat facility, kept to the standard line that the aerostat is used to detect drug trafficking planes, that there is no such thing as ufos. (blah, blah, blah squiggle lines for story)

thanks so much to alison for lending her imagination and her talent to our little 'haps!
and thanks to all of you for reading!
this story will be posted--along with brian's perhapanauts story "down in the dump"--in our new fan fiction section which will be up and running as soon as craig gets a chance to come up from everything he's doing for a breath of air! (we really work this guy too hard...!)
as always, the invitation's there! you write it (or draw it or sculpt it or photograph it...), we'll post it!
be here friday for more exciting blog!
smell ya later!


Brian said...


Very funny ending. The image of Big charging the crowd sans pants was hilarious. Also, I thought having the newspaper note that the posse who reported all the sightings had been recruited in a bar was a nice touch; gives the team a little plausable deniability.


Thanks for the open invite. I'll get to work on that Molly and the C.R..I.C.K.E.T.S tale this weekend. ; )

todd said...

yeah...somehow i knew you would...
: )

alison said...

Glad you enjoyed, Brian, and again, Todd, thanks for my 15 minutes.

To anyone who's interested, it didn't take much imagination to write this story because the following are the elements that are relatively common knowledge here in PR:

-aerostat is for monitoring ufo acitivy
-there is a craft repair base or something similar under the hills near the lagoon and the lagoon is the entry point
-the local fishermen (my dh included) have reported numerous craft sightings
-the stench of the chupacabra is described by some as sufuric and by others as like battery acid
-there is a mayor here who gathered a chupacabra hunting posse last year or the one before
-and EVERYONE knows that a bigfoot doesn't wear clothes! :-)
-oh, and for the don and doña, that wasn't a stretch because an earthy romance and love were nurtured for me here in PR - my dh being a true native. It all started with a hike to a cave and him shimmying up a palm tree to get a coconut for me. sigh. No one in Rhinebeck, NY ever did that for me. :-)

Bill Nolan said...

I really enjoyed that story. Thanks for posting it, Todd, and thank you for writing it, Alison!

I used to be a writer, but having two young children has melted my brain... Maybe someday...

alison said...

Thanks, Bill, and don't worry, the kids eventually get older and you will find that as they do, brain meltage diminishes - and those synapses actually do get firing once again - a bit crispy at first, but they come around - and let it flow...

alison said...

Thanks, Kojee. :-)