Monday, February 26, 2007

back from nyc-


well, this weekend was a blast and it was so great to get a chance to talk to so many people! we handed out choopie cards, sold a few copies of the perhapanauts, and had a really great time! it was so nice to touch base with long time readers and people totally new to the book as well! great to have people buy the trade one day and come back for the second chances books the next!

what was cool though was hearing first-hand what people thought about the perhapanauts! what really kinda throws me is how many people are frustrated by the on-going subplots that continue form one minseries to the next. i think we've all been somewhat conditioned to believe that everything needs to be wrapped up in the four or five issues that are collected in a trade. sorry about that. craig and i originally hoped that the perhapanauts could become an on-going series and so it just naturally wants to keep on going... and i am a firm believer in axiom that "the story is the boss." so i apologize to anyone who feels that those "to be continued"s are not fair or frustating and promise to make sure that the following stories are well worth the wait...

so while we were down there, we got to hang out with a bunch of our pals and here are just a couple of the pictures i took (or someone did...)

our pal, and perhapa-pinup artist, kelly yates, came up from north carolina to spend the (damn! it's freezing cold-) weekend with us and visit with his pal (and idol!), french comics legend, olivier vatine!

as advertised, our own brian mulcahy cut loose as official booth boy--when he wasn't running around getting sweet sketches and commissioned pieces from the stellar array of artists appearing at the show! i don't know what his favorite "treasure" was from this past weekend, but he certainly came back with some beautiful prizes!

i think this is the first ever shot of the entire perhapanauts creative team all in one place! left to right, it's craig, rico, and me.

also, as advertised, my friend, scott weinstein, came by on sunday, having had to work on friday and saturday (he was also able to fanagle a couple of tickets for craig and i to see snl on saturday night...thanks, scott!)

gotta run but i'll have more news and pictures from the con on wednesday!
smell ya later

ps--and here are those answers...

1. david bowie is not his real name. he changed it to bowie (after the guy with the cool knife) because it sounded cool. he changed it ‘cause someone else was already using his real name. what is it?

david jones (davey jones of the monkees)

2. a pride of lions, a school of fish, a herd of buffalo, a _________ of whales, a ______________ of crows...

pod of whales, a murder of crows...

3. for the longest time, the whizzer (marvel-golden age) was celebrated for having the most inane origin story in comics. how did he get his powers?

he was given a transfusion of mongoose blood.

4. which state has the ten highest mountains in the united states?


5. michael keaton changed his name to keaton (after his favorite silent film star) because someone was already using his real name. what is it?

michael douglas


Brian said...

No question that NYC was a blast. I meet some great people, heard some great shop talk and reconnected with a bunch of my buds from the con sketch circuit. The show's only been over for less then a day now and I'm already looking forward to the next one.

As for my pick-ups at the show, it would be hard to choose the top one. The gorgeous Kill Bill piece that Eric Canete did for me was certainly the most elaborate, the undertaker is going to have to work overtime to get off my face the smile that the three 'Haps pages by Craig featuring Officer Mulcahy put there and I fulfilled a long held goal of getting a sketch from Walt Simonson, a long time comic art hero of mine, of Manhunter, my favorite character by him.

The majority of the comics community is filled with great creators and fans and I just want to publicly thank Todd and Craig for letting me experience it from both sides of the table.

Scott Weinstein said...

The convention was a lot of fun. And it was far, far, far better than last year. I got to see a lot of people I met in Charlotte. And as always, Todd and Craig were gracious convention hosts.

I have pictures, and I will be sending them to Todd tomorrow.