Friday, February 16, 2007

gotta run...and jonboy meyers!~


really gotta run today! out to custom fit some really beautiful wood countertops with my pal jeff!
and it's still very cold here!

i've never met jonboy meyers in real life--but we've had many conversations on the phone, so i feel like i know the guy pretty well. i know his work, that's for sure!

jonboy and i were originally put together on marvel age spider-man a few years back. our editor, mackenzie cadenhead, who was a treasure to work for/with, told us that we were gonna be the new regular team on this fairly new aimed-at-kids retelling of the classic spider-man stories. jonboy and i were really excited and bonded quickly, determined to really make this project fly! unfortunately, the powers that be--the administrators above mackenzie--were still figuring out what this series would be and there were a lot of administrators. and a lot of ideas.
about a week later, mac called us and told us that we would be sharing the chores with another team, and the week after that that we would be doing every third or fourth issue, and then...
apparently they wanted these books coming out every 5 minutes, so it was a matter of getting EVERYBODY and their mother working on one story or another.

so jonboy and i only got to do two issues. the first one was marvel age spider-man, updating the story of "the living brain"! jonboy did an amazing job and it's still one of my favorite tales in that group. (unfortunately, i don't have any of jonboy's interior art, but here's the mark brooks cover of that issue...)

shortly after that, mackenzie, wonderful editor that she is, secured for me marvel age spider-man team-up, since she dug my work and knew that i'd loved the old marvel team-up books from when i was a kid! these books too were on a fast schedule, and though i was writing them fast enough, they wanted multiple artists working on them simultaneously. jonboy did the spidey/kitty pryde team-up and it really rocked!
here are a couple of pages from it that i stole from jonboy's website...

so when the time came for us to talk to our friends about doing pin-ups for the new book, craig said that he'd been talking to jonboy and that he'd be keen to do one. i was in! jonboy did this one in just a few days--it was the first one we got as a matter of fact, but i wanted to save it for last...or next to last, 'cause it's one of my favorites and just so funny!
also a great pin-up for the weekend!

thanks, jonboy! i laughed out loud!

for more of jonboy's awesome artwork, check out scribble: the art of jonboy meyers at:

gotta run!
have a great weekend!


Brian said...

That is just so wrong and so funny. A great rendition of Choopie, but what I really like are the little touches like the bumper sticker, the Darkhorse toilet paper and, of course, Choopie's choice of reading material.

Too bad marvel didn't stick with the two of you for a while, that would have been a great run.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.

Bill Nolan said...


Has Marvel ever approached you about writing for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man? That's actually the only Spidey title I read these days besides Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and you'd be perfect for it. I like this series a bit better because it doesn't retell older stories which I've already read (no offense).

Jonboy Meyers said...

Todd! Heya man! Dude you gotta send me your addy--I wanna send you the Choopie Art! Sigh... yeah man looking back at those pages bring back a lot of memories---I only wish we could have stayed on the book... but maybe we can hook up again on something else!