Tuesday, June 12, 2007

update! update! update! perhapablog bonus post!!


i can't begin to tell you all how excited i am by how excited scott is!

the thrill of holding, in your hands, the first comic book you've ever written is a truly magical thing!
as you'll see below, scott is right there!
congratulations, scott--and chris! i am so thrilled for you and wisah you every great success with gordon, your AFTER SCHOOL AGENT!

here's scott's announcement!

After School Agent is now available for sale at

But, better than ordering online, Scott and Chris will be selling After School Agent at the Heroes Comic Convention this weekend, June 15-17, in Charlotte, NC.
If you're there, stop by our booth and say hi. If you mention you saw this blog, you get 50 cents off.

And check out our website.

See you all there.

everybody be sure to pick one up at heroescon--or, order one online!

woo hoo!


Bill Nolan said...

Awesome! And the 50 cents off is just the cherry on top of all that awesome... Looking forward to reading it.

Brian said...

Fifty cents is not just a great rapper, its a great deal too. I'll be sure to swing by their booth.

Scott Weinstein said...

Thanks guys. I can't wait to see everyone there.

And thanks again, Todd.