Friday, July 13, 2007

backing out...


monday morning i twisted my lower back/hip area while trying to accomodate jake wanting to get into bed. on top of the cold that sharon gave me (thanks, sweetie! : ) i've had a pretty miserable/mostly painful week. s'why there was no post on wednesday and why today's will be so short--my chiropractor pal, beth, told me that i am not to be sitting upright. and she means it!

anyway, sorry for the slow week. if you'd like to have fun and celebrate something click on over to ringo's site
where's he's just posted--along with a gorgeous sketch of tellos' hawke and serra--his 400th blog entry!! congratulations, brother! here's to many more!

so i gotta run!
i'll post some new trivia on monday to make up for missing today's "five on friday". in the meantime, you should be checking out--and doing well--watching vh-1's world series of pop trivia.

here's a random photo of the week.

smell ya later!


Brian said...

That is a gorgeous Serra and Hawke.

Hope your "back" in the swing of things soon my friend.

Walt said...

You're getting old.... Ha.

Scott Weinstein said...


I hope you're feeling better. The back's bad enough. A summer cold on top of that. Good luck shaking that. Those stay around forever.

That being said, I heard VH-1 is a good cure.


todd said...

thanks for the well wishes, you guys.
('cept you, walt--suck it!)

i'm teaching story structure and comics at a camp all this week but should be able to post blog entries from there.
so see ya monday!
thanks again!

Brian said...

Is it too late to sign up for that camp? If I shave my beard, I'll look years younger.

alison said...

I'm with Walt (but without the Ha) and actually tried to post the day of your entry but internet was flukey - anyway, it really must be a sign of age when just rolling over in bed strains the back. And don't you DARE tell me to suck it, Todd Dezago.