Tuesday, July 03, 2007

fourth of july


quick one today 'cause it's the fourth of july and sharon's home!

happy fourth everyone!

go see some fireworks! have a barbeque! or a picnic! or both!
enjoy the day! celebrate our country! 232 years old! and still awesome!
most importantly, do something fun with your family! celebrate them too!

we're going to my brother's to have a barbeque with him, my father, and my neice and nephew--that means waterballoon fights, trampoline fights, and playstation 3! woo hoo! then fireworks!

have a great day!

comic books--fun for the whole family!

happy fourth of july!


Brian said...

Happy 4th everyone and please take a moment to say a little prayer for our brave men and women in harms way overseas today. It was their predecessors some 232 years ago who helped make this holiday possible.

Walt said...

And don't forget to play a little Aimee Mann today.

todd said...

"another june has gone by..."

Brian said...

I love me some Aimee Mann.

She did a signing at a store on Newbury Street a couple of years ago so I went down to see her and she is breath takingly beautiful in person.

todd said...

i've seen her twice--once with walt--and was in love with her for YEARS!

Walt said...

I've seen her three time, though I'm still pissed I missed her Christmas show this year. I'd love to see her with Michael Penn, though they don't quite tour together to the smaller markets. Sad.

Brian said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you.